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Ol Smoke

Feel like a prisoner waiting for the jury to come back...

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I watched this movie the other day about a guy waiting for the jury to bring in a decision.  Each day he got dressed and they took him to the court house.

They put him in another cell and had him get dressed for court.  Then he would just sit there and wait to be called into the court house.

When no jury ruling had been settled, they had him dress back into his jail clothes and took him back to jail.  The next morning it would happen again.

Then again, over and over. 


I know how that guy felt.  It's nerve wracking. But in the end, he was voted not guilty.  It turned out that one lone juror believed he had not done the crime.

Slowly that juror convinced the others, that he was not guilty.  So I guess sometimes it may be a good thing to be patient.



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Brother, if it makes you feel any better, you're totally not guilty in my book hehe :D <3











And yes, I am stalking you right now hehe 

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I know you are stalking me,  you smell like celery.




See what I did there??

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