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silEnT 0.9, XPsave after server restart

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i have got a question respective XPSave in silEnT mod 0.9.0, running on ET3.00 on Linux.


The XP Save section in the silent.cfg reads like follows:

// XP Save

set g_XPSave 23

// Enable disable preferred style

// Campaign like XP save for 6 maps with mapvoting gametype
//set g_resetXPMapCount 6
set g_XPSaveMaxAge "30d"        // keep KR and PRW saved for longer time

// XP is reset after 30 days
set g_XPSaveMaxAge_xp "30d"     // for the XP

XP saving overall works, but they are resetted when i "ctrl+c" or even clean shutdown "/rcon quit" the server and relaunch it.

After relaunch and connect it still says xp saving has been loaded from x minutes ago, but they are 0; however KR settings recovered :huh:

I tried to set different values to g_XPSave where the result was always the same.


I thought it could be an invalidating database problem, so i set the following to the database section:

// User Database, Shrubbot and Bans

set g_dbDirectory "database"
//set g_dbUserMaxAge "90d"
set g_dbUserMaxAge "-1"

I think all file permissions / ownership / paths should be correct and to recap it just stucks after restart...



Thanks for any advice! :rolleyes:

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1. Check if DB files are not corrupted. Sometimes this could happen if they are corrupted or being corrupted by running 2 process calling same file and both accessing at same time. i.e. one ET server hung and another restart or 2 running due to script malfunction.


2. Settings: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_FAQ#XP_save_not_working


In order to restart server you should never do \rcon quit. I have seen that causing issues sometimes because sometimes script spawn another server before even first one is closed completely. Access to server "console" logs will help to figure out more issue. 

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Big thanks for your reply, it seems to work now! :lol:


Just for completion:


I rebooted the remote machine to make sure no ressource is occupied and then

deleted all files in silent/database folder except shrubbot.cfg (which looked valid) and

every log files generated I found to make a clean start over. :ph34r:


Im not using any starting script (daemon, watchdog etc.) to run the server in background,

but rather I keep the process running in a window in a screen session so I can always attach to it.


Therefore I have to dissent not to use "/rcon quit",

because I can see the full shutdown sequence with writing and closing the databases.

After attaching to the session I can logically see that I'm back on command prompt. :P


No concurrent processes are fired. I guess the database got corrupted after just killing (ctrl+c) the process,

while it was trying to write stats on disk and had a problem to parse afterwards.

Maybe sending a SIGTERM signal would be more appropriate (haven't tried yet), but first mentioned possibility to quit does the job pretty well.

To handle this task easier not needing to rcon all the time I defined the easy custom command:

command  = shutdown
exec     = quit
desc     = Shuts down the server
syntax   = [name]
levels   = 7

It's not a big deal to hit key up and launch ./startserver again!


However a linux console solution to get this quit triggered ingame would be really great! (no idea yet)


Greets! B)

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