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Bourbon kid :)

Need some help for graphism


Yo guys !


I just buy a new pc gamer and a new screen (24"). I was very happy, i can play all game in figh quality....but not ET.

Et quality is so worst, the game seems to be to old for this screen/computer, i can't play cause of graphism...



The problems are :

I saw the pixel... it's so ugly, it's like playing Minecraft xD.

When i move, it's like i'am lagging, i guess it's cause of to much FPS, but dunno how to fix that.




There is a little demo, dunno if it will help...



So guess, please ! Help me ! If you have some command to had on my cfg to fix it, i will be very grateful to you !

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which resolution are you using? com_maxfps? how many frames per second do you get? (use cg_drawfps 1)


post a screenshot not a demo

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