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Posting this here in ET Support because I don't see it as a urgent or gamebreaking bug that needs to be in the tracker... and Dare's gotten enough hell over this thing. :P

So for the most part, our new omnibot system seems to be working quite well on Jay3. My main concern (and this may be a feature, not a fault) is that it is leveling teams based on number of players, not the comparison of eff between axis and allies. I understand that different maps have different choke points, and some are "geared" more towards defensive or offensive win... but Allies have won pretty much every match lately.

This is what I'm talking about, 5 minutes into Special Delivery: post-9897-0-29961800-1442080904_thumb.jpg
I ran a shuffle at warmup of this map per player requests (teams were stacked towards Allies during past maps)... and it didn't have much of an effect.

As I said to a player, I'd get in the game and make it right myself... but I just don't have time to play at this very moment. (Gotta get my cat to the vet)
EDIT: Right now it's working perfectly on the map pirates. This might be a per-map issue?
Any suggestions/advice to overcome this or a balancing modification in a future version would be much appreciated.

Warm regards.
PS: It's good to be back. ;)

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