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Youth behind the wheel

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Have to say, after watching this video, it kind of made me think of how many youth nowadays uses the phone, either texting or having a call while driving and then accidents like these happen.
The video has been staged by college from Cardiff, that's showing what consiquences texting while driving can have, not only for the person behind the steering wheel, but also for passengers in that car and of course anyone else that's involved in the crash, either by the opposing car or anyone that hits into them afterwards. It is not only your life that you danger with these kind of actions, but also other lifes, as u can see in the video, a baby's life, that has barely started to live in this world.
On a good side, this video is being staged to notice the youth and especially their parents about these kind of actions, so to any parent out there that's giving their own child car to drive, give them this video to watch, let them see the consiquences of driving while using phone. I myself have been in this situation plenty of times, to either call or text while driving, but with time u realize that u rather stop at side of the road or ignore the call until u are off the streets.
Just today some teenagers crashed into two cars being in the parking spot because they were driving way too fast, around 110-130km/h in a 50km/h restriction city, ended up the kid lost the control over the vehicle and crashed badly into two other cars, even worse thing was, that the kid who was driving was 17 years old and didn't even posses a driving licence. All of that happened 20 meters away from my apartment and it gives u to think what consiquences unresponsible driving can have. Good is that both were fine, without any injures, only the cars were completely destroyed.

The above picture is from the crash nearby my apartment that happened today and u can see how badly it crashed, the Peugeot isn't in the original position that was after the crash as they already moved it, but it shows what kind of force it is when u hit into other car so fast.

So yeh, hopefully youth learns something out of videos like that.

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holy cow :( shocking videos

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Hopefully anyone can learn from it.


Sad truth is, is that there a more dipshit adults that do this than kids. Grown ass men and women that still don't f***ing get it that you leave the damn phone alone unless you pull over to safety. Almost had a twat wreck us once because she was too busy yapping away on her cell than paying attention to the damn colors on the lights.


It's to the point now that Ontario just passed new legislation from what I've heard, that you can't even drink coffee or eat while driving (which you shouldn't) because there really are that many dumb ass dipshits on the road. They've raised the fines and made penalties stiffer.


A motor vehicle wreck ain't a joke. Serious consequences for not only those who do this, but innocent drivers that have to share the road with their stupid asses.

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