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Night Hunter

New's Reporter Inactive (For Regular's)

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This topic have been duplicate for Server Regular's and Forum User's


As the title says il gonna have inactivity the rest of the week on gaming server's(ET,COD4,CS:GO,etc) and forum's...


I'm having issue's with my isp provider and cut off the service during a week maybe more, il gonna try be back as soon i can.


I Cannot report New's during the rest of the week (feeling awful)


Il wish the best to all have luck in real life take care and have fun


I got my phone broke a this time and cant use it that include visiting forum


see you next week!!

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I guess that you will have to take clippings from magazines and newspapers and mail them in to FA.  Nah, by the time they get here, you will have your ISP all set up again, and your phone fixed!  (I hope :) )


Thanks for sharing your pain.

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