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Ol Smoke

Time to back up your files today and clean the PC...

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Yep it is that time again. 


1.  Back up all your important files and pictures.

2.  Back up the COD4 files in your "Players Folder".

3.  Then turn off the PC and clean those fans and heat sinks, and the PSU.

      Oil the fans if they are noisy or running slow.**

4.  Clean the inside of the case good and get rid of the dust.

5.  Clean the DVD lasers with a good cleaner disk.  (Never spray compressed air into the DVD.

6.  Clean the screen of your monitor and clean out those heat vents.

7.  You might want to clean out the demo and screenshots also.

8.  Go through Windows and clean out the old files and temp files.

9.  Run a scan on your HDD using error check in the tools folder. (Right click the HDD - Properties - Error Checking)

10. Finally run De-Frag on your HDD.

11. Restart the PC and you are through until next time.


Watch for this topic to come back from time to time.


**see my topic thread on how to do this.




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I forgot to put this into that post.

I use this all the time to clean the PC's I work on.  The brush is anti-static so it doesn't harm

the PC at all.  You can Vacuum or use the air output to blow out dust if needed.



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2 notes:

DON´T defrag SSD-s

I wouldn´t recommend using blowing air out of vacuum cleaner as static electricity builds up in long plastic\metallic tube. Have felt it several times, sparks quite strongly. If one vacuumes air in then the air would just come out of the vents and not build up static el on long tube...

Btw do PC shops sell this antistatic brush, I´ve figured out something like that would be the best thing to clean PC, even brush up mobo from dust collecting with years...

Just my 2 cents

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Just found out 2 googleupdaters have sneaked in to my Computer Management-> Scheduler processes. Forgot to check it once in a while, disabled them for now.

Was looking for Skype updater but with no avail.

Waiting my 2 new Aerocool DS, will cleant dust with one wipe then;)

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I have used that vacuum/blower for ten years or so and never got any static charge from it.

I don't know exactly what it is made from but I have never had a problem.  I rarely use the

blower part, I mostly have just used the vacuum.  The "bags" that come with it are really good

for holding the particles back and I never saw any discharge from them.

I sold about 10 of these through my shop.

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Or install dust filters on vent holes and set case a bit off from the floor(on bricks or so) so the dust won´t build up.;)

Used to use Spybot, is it alive anymore?

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