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God of the Undead - The Divide

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  I am currently looking for new ideas for God of the Undead - The Divide book cover art, feel free to post/message me.. Also I am going to be having a "Fan Art" contest very soon!  The winner will receive a copy of the first book "God of the Undead - Origins", a God of the Undead T-shirt, and a signed copy of "The Divide" ..    


    I will have more details later :D  



  If everyone could check out the facebook page, and share it, or whatever social network you use..  Word of mouth, whatever the means!  My first book almost broke the 10,000 mare on the best sellers list, help me rocket this next book way past there!  I really appreciate it!


Shane A.K.A. Chameleon





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Done hopefully i did that correcly, i not know how to use facebook correcly lol :P because i use facebook usually once per 3 month :) Good luck my friend :)

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