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Problems with et


Hoping someone can help i have really bad lag when i play et i havent changed anything i have unistalled it and reinstalled it and nothing changed please help as its unplayable :(#

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sorry for using this thread, hope it's OK


I read entire thread with interest, as I'm having issues of similar nature.

In-game, on a certain server, not on other silent servers, I have red spikes across entire span of lagometer (between 4 and 12 red spikes almost continuously).

Small yellow triangles appear now and then too, often, but small and less frequent then the red spikes (between zero and 3 on a lagometer width).

It seems to give me little freezes in-game, i notice it by my own or opponents motions, with of course bad effects on aim & gameplay.


Ingame ping is stable around 50. maxfps set to 100, it fluctuates between 70 and 100, depending on map and activity going on (often between 90 & 100, but smtms drops)

I tried winmtr (for ip of issue server), and it seems to say it's fine. If I'm reading it correctly. Am I?


What I also have had since last few weeks, is:

1) very often, long time to launch the game (like a minute or so)

2) sometimes, in between maps, the screen freezes and i see like 70 % plain coloured stuff (nothingness, just sand colour eg), and 30% of screen is here and there a bunch of dispersed fragments of the game images. When this happens, i have to close & restart the game.


What do you guys think of this? memory broken? something else?


If usefull info, maybe: since last 2 months or so, firefox is extremely slow too. Must say, I have on average like 20 tabs open. Also during game. Closing firefox doesn't change the above game-issues though.


PC specs: intel core 2 quad q6600 2,4 GHz, win vista 32bit, Phoenix bios, DDR2 mem 3 MB, NVidia Geforce GTX 560 2MB,


Please create a new thread with the information listed above as well as the information requested here. You could also try Ccleaner if you have not done so already.




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