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  1. CTF Toxic Beta 3 can be fun and a nice break from standard game play. Regards, Arkinder
  2. Arkinder

    Rate & Nudge

    I would suggest starting with making a backup of your config then executing a /cvar_restart then re-executing your config to see if that fixes things. It's important to keep the age of the game in mind as well as that Internet connections are not what they used to be. In my opinion 99% of the time you would have lost the same frag with or without cl_timenudge being adjusted. Some players will insist that they can't aim without it and to that my only response is to consider more practice. Should you decide that it helps you please read Neil “haste” Toronto's Unlagged FAQ to understand what it does. Regards, Arkinder
  3. Introduction ET offers a variety of settings to customize your game. Whether you're a casual or competitive player, this config tries to encompass all major variations and allows you to switch between them while including a few helpful scripts with performance in mind. I hope that players can find this useful. Quick Setup There are several settings that you will need to change before using this config. I recommend reading the entire post to better understand its features but will use this section to outline the minimum changes to start using it. After decompressing Arkinder_Config.zip open Arkinder.cfg in your preferred text editor. *PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT CONFIG AND USE cvar_restart BEFORE USING THIS CONFIG! (/writeconfig configname.cfg) If you aren't using a US keyboard all binds and scripts will need to be bound to your keyboard. Having the same key does not mean that your keyboard uses the same mapping for that key. To use your preferred sensitivity, crosshair, colors, and FOV you will need to change the 1 - 7 bindings and the Mouse Wheel FOV Toggle Script. sensitivity is not set in this config so the game will use the default sensitivity of 5, if you did a cvar_restart, or your last used sensitivity. This will change to my settings whenever you use the mouse wheel unless you change it. (lines 24 - 49, 222, 255 - 262) Set your name. (line 248) If you are using an AMD graphics card please change r_primitives to a value of 2 or will experience FPS loss. (line 441) Set your preferred resolution. (lines 444 - 447) If you prefer using a non-default m_yaw or m_pitch. (lines 483 - 486) Change your FPS cap. (line 510) All variations can be loaded from the console without using binds, e.g., /exec Arkinder.cfg; exec better_default.cfg; vid_restart Please note that Arkinder.cfg contains mostly default graphic settings for the game. To cycle through the graphic settings please read the Config Toggle Script explanation below. Scripts & Binds Not all keyboards are the same. For players with non-US keyboards you will likely have to rebind most or all of the keys for them to function properly. Sometimes this can be as simple as retyping the same key but with your keyboard. Mouse Wheel FOV Toggle Script - Can be used to change sensitivity, FOV, and crosshair settings when scrolling with the mouse wheel. (default binding: MOUSEWHEELUP, MOUSEWHEELDOWN) Sniper Settings Toggle Script - Can be used to change sensitivity, FOV, crosshair, and connection settings for sniping. (default binding: MOUSE4, MOUSE5) Class Selection Script - Can be used to change teams and / or class. (default binding: F5 - F10) Config Toggle Script - Can be used to change graphic settings. (default binding: [, ]) Connection Toggle Script - Can be used to cycle through various connection settings. (default binding: ') Name Toggle Script - Can be used to cycle through aliases. (default binding: -, To use the Class Selection Script press F5 to change teams then F6 for Soldier, F7 for Medic, F8 for Engineer, F9 for Field Ops, and F10 for Covert Ops. Pressing F6 - F10 multiple times will change the weapon that you've selected. To use the Config Toggle Script press [ to cycle through the available graphics settings then ] to execute the settings. The same effect can be achieved from the console when executing Arkinder.cfg initially with /exec Arkinder.cfg; exec nostalgia.cfg; vid_restart Better Default - Offers more visible graphics than the default settings used by the game / Arkinder.cfg. Frag - Offers the most visible graphics for player models. HD - Enables settings like atmospheric effects and blood with increased graphic settings. *Lower r_intensity when map textures are too bright. HD Alternate - The same as HD but better. Unfortunately it will be too dark to use for some players because of a bug (ET:L doesn't have this problem). *Lower r_intensity when map textures are too bright. Nostalgia - Old school graphic settings with compressed textures and more visible player models. The Connection Toggle Script should be used to determine the connection settings that you use all of the time. Just cycle through them to find which is the most stable then change the settings in Arkinder.cfg. tl;dr In Arkinder.cfg remove the scripts and binds (lines 6 - 205) then replace the graphic settings in the Renderer section (lines 392 - 447) with the settings used in either frag.cfg or nostalgia.cfg or whatever. Default Better Default Frag Nostalgia Regards, Arkinder *PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT CONFIG (/writeconfig configname.cfg) Arkinder_Config.zip
  4. Miss you *^*)/ ~

  5. RIP Xfire

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. equaLz


      sucks... tournaments are the future I guess.

    3. Dest!Ny


      D: my xfirelist was like a memoire of people I used to have fun with over the years :( will the client be completely removed?

    4. Arkinder


      Yeah there are a lot of people that I've known for years who only use xfire but don't sign on frequently enough for me to give them new contact info. Apparently they are no longer supporting the client and the service is being entirely removed. :/

  6. Arkinder


    With that being the case your game will function just fine with the default /r_primitives 0. Let's start with making sure that Threaded optimization is disabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel. - Right click the desktop and select the NVIDIA Control Panel. Select the Program Settings tab under Manage 3D settings then find your game client in the drop down menu. Scroll to the bottom using the slider on the right then set Threaded optimization, Triple buffering, and Vertical sync to off. - Click Apply. If your problem persists after that then the client may simply not be using your 740m at all. 308. seta r_lastValidRenderer "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000" Regards, xenozbad
  7. Arkinder


    If your machine has an AMD graphics card try using /r_primitives 2. If it does not, or if this does not help, please post your system specs. Regards, xenozbad
  8. Arkinder

    ET Mac

    Woops it seems that the ET:L team suggests moving the files to a deeper sub-directory so please try that as well (hold the option key for the Library directory). Regards, xenozbad
  9. Arkinder

    ET Mac

    I'll update to Yosemite later today if I have time. I want to say that I remember the ET:L team saying it works, but I've been wrong before and I'm still a bit hazy from yesterday. Also have either of you tried adjusting the file permissions? Regards, xenozbad
  10. Hi, please provide your system specs. Regards, xenozbad
  11. Arkinder

    ET Mac

    Are you using Mavericks Yosemite as well? edit: You are moving the ET Legacy folder from the mounted image right? Regards, xenozbad
  12. Arkinder

    ET Mac

    Here is a short video (please watch in the highest available quality). If you listen closely you may even hear my friend sleeping. Regards, xenozbad
  13. Arkinder

    ET Mac

    Which version of OS X are you using?
  14. Would you try using RInput? Regards, xenozbad

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