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  1. Arkinder


    Hi whoamI, It could be an issue with a mod config not being writable or applying the settings correctly. Perhaps it's correctable during installation. If you delete mod/profiles/user/etconfig.cfg it should correct the issue. Regards, Arkinder
  2. Hi OpsVixen, Right Click the folder Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory > Properties > Security > Advanced. If it isn't already, change the Owner to the account that your currently using or you can select an account group such as Administrators for convenience. From the previous menu Edit the Security Preferences for that account or group to have Full Control. If the problem persists search for Command Prompt and run As Administrator. cd C:\"Program Files (x86)" takeown /f "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" /r /d y Follow any prompts given and that should resolve the issue. If it doesn't you can always give Full Control to the Users group (unfortunately it will set the permissions back automatically). Search for File Explorer Options > View > Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types. This will display the .txt that you're seeing so that .cfg is the file extension instead of part the name. Regards, Arkinder
  3. Base 55 Final View File (the readme file) BASE 55 =================== base55 Base55 is an Enemy Territory Multiplayer Map. Supported Gametypes: Campaign, Objective, Stopwatch Mapname: base55 Overview: August 1943. The allied troops have found a secret Axis Base. It seems that some prototypes of V2 are inside this base. The task of today is to penetrate into the base, steal the secret architect's plans of the V2. In addition the V2 Control must be destroyed. Timelimit: 20 min Allies Target - Dynamite the Maingate. - Steal the secret docs. - Send the docs from the small radiostation - Destroy the V2 controlpanel with dynamite. - Destroy the Depot Defenses to get into the Control Bunker. - Dynamite the Sideentrance. - Destroy the Axis Command Post. - Build a Command Post. Axis Target - Defend the Maingate. - Defend the secret docs. - Stop the Allies before sending the docs - Prevent the Allies for destroying the V2 controlpanel. - Build the Depot Defenses to protect the Control Bunker. - Defend the Sideentrance. - Build a Command Post. - Destroy the Allied Command Post. Change to the previous version - last modifications - texture fitting - adding Allied CP Spawn - changing the controlpanel - new flakgunbrushwork - tanks full clipped - Opel Blitz full clipped To start the map on ET server put the line set d1 "set g_gametype 2; map base55; set nextmap vstr d1" in your mapfile for obj mode SPECIAL THANKS TO ================== Berzerkr (http://www.wolfmap.de) for support, textures and great ideas All guys for testing and the great feedback. Submitter Arkinder Submitted 04/27/19 Category Maps  
  4. Rockeyes Beta 2 View File (the readme file) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- README for Rock Eyes beta2 made by zedd 29/06/2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- * General Information This is my first map on Enemy Territory. I've made a map for Quake 3 several years ago, not released, based on a custom map from HalfLife (called Darn). Making this map was interesting and a great learning time (damn T-junction bug by the way ). I hope it will be good to play For bugs, comments, ... send a mail at zedd.mapping@free.fr and visit http://zedd.mapping.free.fr * Technical Information Near 9000 brushes, 1000 entities, hand made terrain. A few custom textures, most of them are modified ones from the game. First ideas for the map on 08/2007, first brushes on 12/2007, first playable beta on 04/2008 (sooooo long ), 2nd beta on 06/2008. Compile time : ~1 min meta, ~20 min vis, ~1h light (fast samples2 filter bounce8) Compile machine : Athlon XP 2800+, 1Go RAM * Changelog 25/04/2008 : beta 1, first release. 29/06/2008 : beta 2, second release. . map size reduced on second part . new paths from bottom base to ramp and from main base to north radar . spawn at main base is only at one side of base . more cover . lots of clips added . some aesthetic work . ramp is now single stage . main gate use less tois . fixed spawn times (30s allies / 20s axis) . ambiant sounds (sound script was missing on b1) . etpro commandmap shader provided in a separate pk3 * Known bugs You can get crushed by truck and the materials behind (need bigger clips ??) * Thanks Splash Damage - for the game and forums Chruker - for his site http://games.chruker.dk Tram Design - for the site http://tramdesign.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com 2bit - for the site http://www.pythononline.co.uk/et Hirntot Community - these guys simply rock -> http://www.hirntot.org Submitter Arkinder Submitted 04/27/19 Category Maps  
  5. Hi Yuki, There could be several reasons for this so I would suggest double checking everything. Some likely culprits are typos or the config settings are not being applied correctly. After you connect to the server execute the config again. If the problem persists upload a screenshot and your config. Regards, Arkinder
  6. Hi Yuki, I'm glad that lowering the resolution was able to help improve your FPS. I know that not all players want to go with this option since it makes things more difficult to see. So I would like to offer another. Most laptops and non-gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 60hz. With Vertical Sync disabled, instead of waiting for the monitor refresh rate before drawing to the screen it draws closer to immediately. This matters because even at 125 FPS you won't see more than 60 of those frames despite Vertical Sync being disabled. The 125 frames are merged and this causes overlaps or inaccurate frames that you see while playing. In other words instead of seeing one frame you're seeing one, two, or three frames merged into one frame. The point being that on a 60hz monitor the only difference between 62 FPS and 125 FPS is perceived smoothness. For players that prefer a higher resolution that can't maintain 125 FPS I would recommend using 62 FPS instead. Not only is it easier to see but what gets rendered to the screen is more accurate. seta r_displayRefresh "60" seta com_maxFPS "62" seta cl_maxpackets "62" seta cl_packetdup "1" or seta r_displayRefresh "120" seta com_maxFPS "125" seta cl_maxpackets "100" (this should be "62" but some servers will change it between maps) seta cl_packetdup "1" // don't forget to set your mouse polling rate to 125hz. Regards, Arkinder
  7. Hi th3knight, That's okay. Just make sure to rename the previous folder so that it creates a new one. Regards, Arkinder
  8. Hi th3knight, Rename the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory into C:\Program Files (x86)\_Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Then reinstall the game. Google Translate: مرحبا th3knight, إعادة تسمية المجلد: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory إلى C:\Program Files (x86)\_Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. ثم أعد تثبيت اللعبة. Regards/مع تحياتي, Arkinder
  9. Hey RedBaird, In the thread that you're referring to I think the problem was with a corrupted PK3 (if it's not he might be in trouble...). So the suggestion you provided should fix the issue. As for the for the AMD CCC setting. Vertical Sync is meant to help provide an aesthetic experience. When matching the monitor refresh rate you're able to remove things like screen tearing and there aren't overlapping frames at the cost of a delay. In fast paced games it usually causes more problems than it helps. Of course, you won't find the game to be unplayable because of it. I suggest trying to limit the FPS in game as closely to your monitor refresh rate as possible. seta r_displayRefresh "60" seta com_maxFPS "62" seta cl_maxpackets "62" seta cl_packetdup "1" or seta r_displayRefresh "120" seta com_maxFPS "125" seta cl_maxpackets "100" (or "62" ^_~) seta cl_packetdup "1" // don't forget to set your mouse polling rate to 125hz. This way you either have 2 or 5 overlapping/merged frames without waiting to draw the frame. I hope you're joking of course! Regards, Arkinder
  10. Hi cookiem0nster, It's because of a new version of OpenGL being used. There is a way around this here. However, you aren't necessarily going to get more FPS consistently because of an older version of OpenGL. With the newer version switching to a different rendering method with /r_primitives 2 helps to alleviate the problem for many AMD users. Something to keep in mind for Nvidia cards. When upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the newer drivers can still cause issues. I have heard of some players saying that /r_primitives 2 works for them even with an Nvidia card. The difference being that the game becomes less playable during frag fights or when a lot of grenades or players are around. Whereas AMD is unplayable without the different rendering method. To fix this, I reverted to a beta driver from 2015 as it was the oldest available driver for Windows 10. Regards, Arkinder
  11. Hi cookiem0nster, You're welcome to try some of the suggestions here. Regards, Arkinder
  12. Hi ScoOfi, Yes, the demos can be moved from the 2.60b mod folder to the ET Legacy mod folder. You're welcome to try the HD settings from my config file here. You will need to execute the initial base config then execute HD or HDalt with the bind or from the console. Please remember to adjust /r_intensity accordingly and test both HD configs in 2.60b and ET:L. There is a bug for some people in the 2.60b client with HDalt which looks considerably better. While this is a config designed for playing it does have all of the graphic settings enabled without wasted cvars. Regards, Arkinder
  13. Hi ScoOfi, Will you be using the standard 2.60b or ET Legacy client? Regards, Arkinder
  14. Arkinder


    Hi ukshogun, A server without a GUI (Graphic User Interface) can still be accessed with a command line interface. Depending on what you've purchased the server has an FTP application running on it that can be accessed with another application like FileZilla. If the FTP server is offline that doesn't mean that the server hosting it is offline as well. That's when you can login with putty and use a command line interface to restart the FTP server application on the server that was hosting it. If you have further issues please make a post in the Software & PC Support section. Regards, Arkinder
  15. Hi .r..., I didn't take a screenshot of the lagometer in game. Periodically there would be vertical red lines close together in clusters of 2 - 3 which indicates packet loss. The effect in game is similar to packet clustering on a wireless connection. Lag (after I referenced this on the server an extension blocked it but perhaps it will resume working) and Packet Loss are not the same. The game uses UDP packets so if the delay is great enough the packets would be treated as loss. With that in mind, the issue resolved itself the next day without a need to contact my ISP. The loss shown for node at is still present while the 1% loss on other nodes is not. When using WinMTR on node there is no loss. With the following node CHOOPA-LLC.ear3.NewYork1.Level3.net there is loss at Given the original WinMTR report it might be safe to assume that the loss is from the 2nd hop as every subsequent node's sent and received was affected. I will make certain to test this should the problem occur again. Regards, Arkinder

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