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A short intro:

Some time ago I couldn't conenct to NQ#2 and ET kept sayint that it "couldn't load an official pak file; verify your installation and make sure it has been updated to the latest version."

Today I've figured out that there are still some people who have the same issue. After a brief discussion with some of FA members I was told that it would be reasonable enough to make a topic which would describe how to fix this issue.



I had to do this operation twice. First time I was using files downloaded from FA website and unfortunately it didn't work properly after I had done it.
Then I used files downloaded from other websites and I managed to solve this problem.
Not sure if the problem was caused by my curved hands or wrong files, but I'll post here links to files, which I've used for the second time. Just in case.







Step 1: Re-install ET.

Step 2: Patch it to version 2.60.

Step 3: Patch it to version 2.60b.




In detail:

Step 1: Uninstall your ET. I have used manual removing, so I was sre that all the needed files (such as -.cfg and map -.pk3 files) will be saved for sure. Also it is good to make an extra backup, provided you have enough space on your hard drive.


Step 2: Install ET again. It will automatically install a version 2.55 to your computer. 

I've used ET installation file downloaded from this website: http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/file/Enemy_Territory;14380



Step 3: Patch to version 2.60. It's important to patch your ET step by step, because pach 2.60 contains the needed pak file, and you won't be able to use patch 2.60 after you have patched ET to vesrion 2.60b. Patch 2.60 is an .exe file, so you just have to run it and follow simple instructions.



Step 4: Patch to version 2.60b. The only thing you need to do is to replace your ET.exe file with the one, which you have downloaded with patch. (See the link above.)


Step 5 (optional): Place your backup files into correct folders, provided you made a backup and your essential files weren't saved after you have re-installed your ET.


Step 6: Run your ET and enjoy.



Hopefully my information was helpful enough. Thanks for reading.


Post Scriptum for forum staff: When I was searching for any specific topic about this issue, the only thing I managed to find was this tutorial: http://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/116-how-to-fix-et-couldnt-load-official-pak-file-and-verify-your-installation-error/
Unfortunately it didn't work either, showing an error.
Although, if there's already an topic about this problem, feel free to delete this one.


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