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Frag Scrim?

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Hi everyone in F|A Clan. I hope you are all keeping mighty fine!!


My name is *//DB//*Illus!oN aka Kelly. I am here to ask if the Frag Members (or if you rather I say) Frag Players would like to participate in a fun scrim with the Frag Players of the *//DB//* Clan? We are not a competition based clan, we just play it for lots of fun together. We think it is very nice to play with other clans at times indeed, but again for FUN. ;)


:thanks for reading.


I wish you all well. :D


Here is our forum address. DEADLY-BULLETS.COM


Greetz.. Kelly :hi

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Off course it would be great time together.


It would be good fun for practicing and scrimming together.


We have also made general xfire clan scrim where we practice with our friendly clans. If you guys want to participate feel free to join it.




This is just made for friendly scrims. Sometimes, u can even call players from our clan xfire to practice.


You can reach all our clan members/scrimmers easily by joining our clan xfire:



Let us know time and we could enjoy fun etpro scrims. Welcome to the forums kelly.

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oh ya,


Let us know when we are going to fun frag,





Pass4server> (if private and we can use xfire :P for that if yo0u don't wanna publicize it).


and like dare said :P welcome to the forums

Mi xfireo: epic9fail

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Hi there.


Thankyou very much for the nice welcome! :)


It's really nice that you guys/ladies are up for some fun scrimming. :D


I will speak with our members and post when they would like to scrim some.


Greetings to you all, and again thanks for the nice welcome. :)


X-Fire = Silence28.


Your more than welcome to also stop by our servers at anytime. Speak soon.


Kelly. B)

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