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von Rantala

Happy Birthday Heretic!!!

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Well, tea and cake was awesome, and certainly needed after what we ate for tea ^_^


For this evening, I plan to relax with a couple of pints of Strongbow and one of my favourite birthday presents.

Say "Hello" to the latest addition to my family;








This particular thing was accompanied by some other things, but well... any other images are going to be left in the VIP lounge :P

If anyone fancies seeing a sweaty, hairy male posing with a ... with the above thing, then you'll need to pay for the privilege!


@yoyo, I was going to send you a slice but Corey put something in it that looks like pills, he said "It's for the surprise party"? I'm assuming you know what this is all about :)


If anyone /really/ wants to me to specifically reply to their post, you can ask me to on this topic. I probably won't, but it can't hurt to ask :D

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Happy birthday! Don't party too hard  ^_^

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