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Ol Smoke

Pikeville, Kentucky

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I was watching TV last night when I saw a program called "Aerial America".  They fly planes over a state and take pictures and video of certain

historical places.  It is a really good show with lots of info about our country.  Well last night it was about Kentucky.


They showed all these places and told stories of how things happened there.  One of the most famous stories of Kentucky is the Hatfield and McCoy

feud.  So in the program they flew over the actual court house where the trial of the hatfield/McCoy feud was held.

It was in Pikeville.


It was so strange to see this courthouse and the town from the air because; Ph0neix lives there.  How cool is that.  F|A is in the house!





More than likely one of Ph0enix's ancestors actually stole that pig as a joke. hehe










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Hahaha man that is awesome, wish I would have seen it!  It really is Hatfield McCoy crazy here, there is even a festival for it all! This area ended up playing a big role in the whole deal!  I need to find this show and watch it hehe.. 

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