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Omni-Bot Enemy Territory - Enemy Territory MOD


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File Name: Omni-Bot Enemy Territory

File Submitter: Jhonny/Shinobi

File Submitted: 04 May 2014

File Category: Mods

Omni-bot is an artificial intelligence(AI) controlled opponent for first person shooter games. Unlike many bots that are written for specific games, Omni-bot was designed from the beginning to exist mostly as a generic framework with which support for many different games can be made, and most of the functionality can be shared among them.

For making waypoints for ET maps have a look at Belo's tutorial.

Side-note: The 0.81 version can be found here and has not been updated since some users prefer to work with the older version and it is supposed to work much easier/better with Jaymod.

Click here to download this file

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