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Ol Smoke

Wild Bill Guarnere dies

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Truly sad to see another great american die, while I never got the opportunity to meet him in person, really wish I could have. Growing up outside of Hershey PA, I actually got to meet Maj. Winters outside his home. I was delivering a shed to one of his neighbors homes and he came over to check things out. ( my business at the time ,early 2000"s,was medium duty hauling and delivery services. I liked doing it but the economy had a different idea)  but anyway he was a very nice and unassuming man, that I didn't even recognize at first, but once I did and got over the tongue ties and such was kind enough to sign my dog eared copy of Band of Brothers that I had been reading at nights in the truck. 


But as I said would have loved to meet Bill Guarnere, but I guess that will have to wait. RIP 

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So very sad  :(

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