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Ch11m33y aka. ChiLLy<3

Extra Life Charity! im going to stream 25h for charity

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I wasnt really sure where to post this so, if there is a proper section feel free to move this


This will happen the 2nd of november

So the title pretty much sums it up, im going to attempt to raise money for a charity called Extra Life. Its basicly an organization that raises funds for kids in need. (all the money go to a US based childrens hospital of my choosing) and i was hoping you guys could help me by donating in the name of Team FA :)


All this happens in so called "teams" and i was thinking i could create a team called: Team FearlessAssassins. this ofcourse if i get the permission from the founders of this clan :). If not i will join another team(Team SMITE, wich is basicly a team of players and creators of the F2P MOBA game SMITE) but i think using the clan as a "team" to show that we are more than just a gaming community. And other people could also join the team and stream under Team FA.


So my dearest founders, what do you think of my idea? :)


The charity:


My stream:



Feel free to ask any questions/give ideas to improve this idea :)

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Q: How do you intend to use the clan to fund raise?

By people donating :), would even be awesome if people would just idle in my stream, so that i get more viewers and possibly more money donated

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I would have to say no. We have been burned before if you know what I mean. Not saying that you would do that, but we are rather cautious now. Good luck with your stream and I hope you reach your goal.

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