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One year anniversary of being a forum member

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A big hello to everybody in the F|Amily!

I started playing on F|A servers about a year and a half ago, and one year ago I took the step to join the forums. And I must say, it's been great here. There's great people here, with creativity, genius, talent, passion, and friendliness- and that's what sets F|A above and beyond all other clans, setting the bar and a new high standard. It actually gives me chills (good chills), thinking about all of the great experiences I've had so far, and how much I've learned and shared just within a tiny time frame.

If you don't mind, there's a few members that are especially near and dear to my heart, whom I'd like to give thanks to:

Annibal: Possibly the first admin that I've ever spoken to; you've given me advice, shared your wisdom of patience and Confucius with me, and had faith in me. You support all of the members, and the community that F|A has, and don't ask anything in return besides some respect. I think it'd be an understatement if I said that you are not only an example to all, but a great friend to all as well. Congratulations (again) on your promotion to Co Leader, I'm sure that you will do some amazing things. :)

MaKy: After several months of being away, you gave me a warm welcome back on Jay3, and ensured that I'm here to stay. You do quite a bit for the community, and you make sure that what you do is passed on to all of the members for their enjoyment. You are a great example of just how great the F|A community is- a shining star, to say. :)

WeetBiX: I get the feeling that you really care about F|A. Not only about being a member of the clan, but reaching out beyond the F|A community to share it's warmth and friendliness. You too have given me a warm welcome back, and have also given me some important tips that are not only useful here at F|A, but can be used to better myself and the people that are close to me.

I have spoken to so many other members, and all of you- that's right, you- have given me... so much. Whether it's tips on making headshots or making maps- you're all willing to lend a hand of some sorts to help me. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful year; for fun and laughter on both the servers and the forums, and for all that you have taught me. I hope that one day I can do the same for you. :)

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