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Have you guys heard about this humble bundle?

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Don't know for sure if this is the best place, but I also wanted to discuss any previous humble bundles you may have gotten. Current one is an Origin sale Currently $4.80 will get you

Dead space (Steam Redeemable)

Burnout Ultimate box (Steam redeemable)

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (Steam Redeemable)

Mirrors edge (Steam redeemable)

Dead Space 3 

Medal of Honor (Steam redeemable)

Battlefield 3

And the Sims 3 starter pack 

Of course all of these can be redeemed on origin

Holy crap those are awesome games for this low of a price. Although it will raise but I doubt it'll get over $5.20.  

In the past I got an indie bundle which included Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Bastion, Psychonauts (and a few others, but those are all that I care about). 

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I just got this humble bundle. I've been looking at it for awhile, but I finally gave in. (And to think I paid like $60 for Battlefield 3 a year ago! D:) Unfortunately I missed the humble weekly bundle, with the Introversion games. i really wanted those. Oh well, there'll always be another time. or at least i hope ;)

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