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Ol Smoke

My 40 year HS reunion.

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Remember how High School was? There were certain cliques for cheer leading, best dressed, best looking, everything. And inside those cliques was a sub-clique who

thought they were better than anyone else in the clique. Like in cheer leading. There were always 2 girls who had control over the others. And even one of those

two girls was really the boss.


I went to a forty year HS reunion a while back and it was still the same. The class president was still the leader, the hot cheer leader still thought she was the "one",

even though everything on her had sagged to the ground. I think she had botox injections before she came, because she couldn't smile a lot.

The rest of us "unknowns" occupied a large table and had the best time reliving the funny crap from HS. We were laughing and joking so much, the other tables soon came

over and sat around with us. Now for me, HS was just a jump off place till I could get to the Marines*. So I never did a lot in HS. But it turned out, after the reunion, I was

the hit of the whole thing and didn't even know it. I got so many emails from people saying they were glad I was there, because I made the evening fun. Who would

have guessed, that the meanest, nastiest kid in HS, would turn out to be a comic.


There was this kid in 11th grade that thought he was the real deal for the girls in the school. He thought he was the answer to their prayers. He always had the right

clothes, the right car and a pretty girl by his side. He played basketball but not football. He went out for baseball but couldn't make it. He went on to be a real

success story we were told. I found out later he is working in a Men's Wearhouse in Sacramento. Before that he was a car salesman and worked at Sears. Well

he tried to be this big shot at the reunion. I was going to go over and talk to him but he would see me coming and move away. This happened all night. So I

mentioned it to one of the guys at our table, and told me this. It seems that at sometime in HS, I threatened to beat him up for going out with a girl I was dating.

I guess I was pretty adamant about it and told him if I ever caught him, I would kick his ass. So all that night, he thought I was still going to do that. hahahahahaha

I never did get to talk him.


The cheerleader that thought she was so hot, Turned out to be an apartment manager at some low end dive in Seattle. Yet, after HS she was a TWA stewardess

and married some hot shot pilot and they started an airline business in the Bahamas or somewhere. They went broke and I guess he left her and she wound

up in Seattle at that apartment place. Now this girl was a blonde, Marilyn Monroe looking type girl. But she looked like hell had done a job on her. And I would

have not cared, but she still thought she was the hot deal at that reunion.


We had a lot of deaths in our classes reunion (1966 -1971) but no one died in Vietnam which I thought was a rarity. Most died from drinking and driving, some died

from gunfights, others just died.++ It was a sad to see so many not there.


For you kids out there, enjoy your time in HS and take it all in, remember your friends but don't forget the others. When you get a lot older, you will be glad to

recall those days.


** I never made it to the Marines, I contracted a rare kidney ailment and the armed forces deemed me unfit. So I went into the hospital work.

++ I went to an Indian school, so alcohol was a big killer in my school.



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That was a really cool story man and i so true! Life has a way of fixing things sometimes.. It's weird how it seems "High school" continues even after it's over.. I was the weird musician guy that liked the hash back in the day and always hung out with what they called at my school the "Hoods". Funny though now, most of the uppity to good to talk to ya types back in school, now work for me :) I just had my 20th reunion back in September.. Glad you wrote this :D

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