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Hello you guys.. some of you, may recognize my name from the jaymod server..

A few year ago I used to play a lot of delta force online.. then I stopped for a few years ... now I'm getting my addiction back. by playing

ET.. I know the game since the release , but, only now I'm dedicating myself to it.. but I love it.. It rules, from the first version as Wolfenstein multiplayer

.. it is the best true team oriented game.. and that is the problem..


I only play in the F|A server, mainly because I like the map choice and the admins take good care of the server.. always checking for AFKs and kicking when the server is full.. which, gives good quality to the server.. (and they are also very helpfull when needed.. and also all the ppl that go there.. no complains.. except for some ocassional guy, that talks to much, or casts stupid votes).. so I don't know how is it on other servers.. but this one... team play... does not exist...


I like ET because ppl are supossed to work together for one single purpose.. to win the map.. each using the ability of the class to support the team, and to help the team apply it's tactics.. but I don't know if it is, because there are to many newbies.. or ppl just go there to shoot some strees.. but I get very frustrated when I'm the only engineer on a map.. or the only one running for the obj.. not a medic to heal.. not a cover op to place some smoke, to allow to place bomb..


Most of the times.. it seams that each one defines it's goal and does it, no matter, if it means the team wont win the map...


Of course.. that could imply some sort of knowledge about war tactics.. but come on you guys.. most of it is common sence...


Here are some examples of the most absurd things I see.


- there are game that you win or loose point as you kill or die.. this is not the case of ET.. there is no glory in surviving.. and no shame on dying.. the only disadvantage of dying... you respawn.. so stop standing in corners afraid of getting hit.. RUN for the objectives.. if you only have like 10hp.. no point in running all the way back to get health... run to the enemy.. you will get shot.. but you may take one of them with you..and that will help the team.. and when you die.. you will respawn with full heath, all this probably in less time that the other option.."the glory is to win the map.. not to survive the longest"


- For an attacking team ( usually allies), the purpose it to RUN for the objective, that means mobility.. MGs and snipers are good for HOLDING ground.. not for advancing.. (except when there is the risk of loosing it).. "this means that a sniper on the rear DOES not help the team"..


- The purpose of the medics is not so you have "infinte" hp.. is to heal the team.. it gets frustrating to be lying on the ground and seeing medics passing by, and not reviving.. "if you choose to be a medic, is to heal, or be something else"


-Mines are limited.. and ppl instead of putting them on the front line.. where they will help to delay the enemy.. and by being triggered will allow to place more..

like to place them near the final objective.. and if the other team does not reach that point.. they will be wasted.. and you will have nothing to hold the front line except you body.."put the mines between you and the enemy, not on your back"


-Everybody has a favorite class, but to win the map you cant be so narrow minded.. if a tank is on enemy ground.. for one eng to get there is hard.. but if the team as 4 or 5 .. if one doesn't get there the other will.. "always choose the best class to help the team on that certain point of the map"


- there may be several ways to and objective..but the objective is always one.. and running for the opposite direction will not help.. if you thing eng, or cov ops, will do the objective and you can run to the other side of the map, and help by killing the other team you are wrong.. killing the others will not help (see 1st) just delay.. and the others cant do much without cover.. "always run with teammates for the object, no point in doing anything else"...


and theres is some more.. but i guess this is enough.. I don't want to bother anyone.. just needed to vent a bit.. because some times.. it gets REALLY frustrating.. to play a map that could be won so easily and you cant even get to the 1st obj..


for most of you.. on the F|A.. this doesn't apply so don't take it personally.. and so no one else.. as I said.. just needed to vent..


and to end on a good note... thank you guys from the F|A for a great server...

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Problem is players don't know what to do.


1. Their are some players who are just new. Don't even know you can give ammo, throw artillery and all...

2. Their are some players who just want to frag to see their score more at the end.

3. Their are few players who just do team kill(eventually they get long time leave aka ban).

4. Their are few players which i have seen just change class to get more stars. (newbies)

5. Their are some players who don't know what to do in a map.


The total ratio of those kind of players is around 40-60 percent.


If you can fix above 5 you can see team play.


I can understand you since sometimes I feel same. But when I think those 5 point I think let it be and I will try to get obj as far as I can. It's not like newbies, fraggers don't want to win the map. They want to win too but sometimes their knowledge of game is less and hence it always take time to get 40 quality players all the time on server.

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