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Weird framedrop


Today I couldn't get my fps stable.

When not in a firefight or busy place, my fps is the usual 125fps stable.


But as soon as I come in a busy place or start a firefight it drops to below 60 (have seen it drop to like 10-20).


This problem is causing me to get headaches :S


Other games run fine, been playing ravaged on max settings at 80 fps.


Tried to cap my fps @ 76 and that's a bit more stable, but still get the framedrops to 10-20...


Anybody an idea what can be the problem (only et is acting up :s).


pc on which I played to past week specs (and only got today problems):



- amd phenom x6 @ 3.2 gHz

- 16 gb ram @1600mHz gskill ripsawx (not sure about exact name anymore)

- sapphire hd 6850 toxic (back to factory overclock, has been higher)

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Mine does the same thing during heavy gun-fire area. I don't think its fully correct cause my character can face one way have around 60-85fps (this is the best i get on my build) and turn around and face my player another way and have 40-60fps. I'm lost as well. I think its weird i lose FPS just by moving my character around.

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This exact same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago (http://fearless-assa...d-fps-problems/) - Nothing fixed it for me, but the next day it just worked fine again.


Well, yeah I had it also before.

But now it's really back, it dropped to like 1-5 fps (giving me terrible headache :s). Only in firefights or busy places, which s where you suspect your fps to drop, but I always been able to keep 125fps stable.

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