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Anyone know any GOOD poster printing companies?

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Hey guys.. I'm looking for a high res, quality poster printing company.


The posters in question will be of seriously high res (300dp) photos and must have great colour quality. I recently purchased from awesomemerchandise.com and they came, and skin colour was totally off, and skin looked 90% green-shaded.. It was pathetic.


I can't pay really high prices so i'm not expecting the very best, but I do at least need them to retain their colour, or at least something pretty damn close..


Do any of you know of any good poster printing companies (or general custom-merchandise companies who print posters) that you can recommend?


EDIT: I'm looking to print A3 Posters

EDIT2: Needs UK shipping :P


Thanks for any help!



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Thanks for that Anton, I'll try finding all those available to me using Kodak Nexpress :) I didn't think about researching the best printers first.. Thanks!

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