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Locking up


Ok. Normally my computer locks up during ET about once a day, but today it has been awful. Like 9 or 10 times. Does anyone know why ET is locking my computer up? :help

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I use vista and it works. It's common myth of so called "uber xp" users that vista sucks but it doesn't. If your games keep crashing up or locking up you can do few things:


1. Don't run xfire while playing. - Resource hogger untill you have nice rig.

2. Don't keep pressing alt and ctrl keys together or in a short amount of time.

3. Download xfire and join our clan group so I can send you config which will almost fix your few things.


4. You can try to set hunkmegs depending on RAM. I use 192Mb and some people use 256Mb. I have also played on default hunks i.e. 56Mb for 1 month and tested it out. It doesn't give any problem on our 32 slot. But still I recommend to use atleast 128Mb+ depending on RAM since no maps uses hunks more then 100Mb.


Sometimes, people say lag lag but half of the time either their PC are too old or their ISP are way more sucky.


Post your rig/PC hardware specs so I can suggest few settings based on it.


Fill up according to your specs.




Graphics card-


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