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virusscanner flagged pbags.dll


I have the habbit to check on regular basis all the pc at home (7 pc in total) on virusses


This because the simple reason: my brothers/sisters don't do it.



Now I ran a scan with ActiveScan 2.0 (never used it before) from panda



and he found this on the pc of my brother (who play et sometimes :P)



Trj/CI.A Virus Latent

1. c:\program files\wolfenstein - enemy territory\pb\pbag.dll


After he found this I ran avast (free edition) and he came out clean



I didn't check it on my own pc because my pc is toast atm :s


So now i'm wondering is it just a false possitive or not?

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2 possibilities:


1. Your file is infected.




2. It's false positive.


80% it's false positive but advice would be to generate md5 hash of it and match it with other player's file. I have never done that but that's what I can think of to make sure it's not infected in reality by other trojan or virus.

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K I compared it with the version of pepper and it came out the same so it was a false positive





Ty for the help

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