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First let me assure you that I am serious about what I am going to say even though it may be hard to believe.


As many of you know I am a hunter but I have a bit of a dilema. My father and some of his friends lease some land for hunting. Unfortunately the coyote population has exploded and they are destroying the dear herds (not to mention whatever else they can get their teeth in) and we have been given the order to start thinning the coyote population. So basically if we are out deer hunting and happen to see some coyotes we are expected to kill them. So there starts my dilema.


I have always been raised to eat what I kill soooo...... I will soon be eating coyote and brain tanning the hides for decoration, ceremonial clothing, and maybe a new quiver for my arrows. So my question is have any of you hunters eaten coyote or know anyone who has? I am looking for the best way to prepare coyote.


I was thinking about coyote jerky, coyote steak, and a meat made like corned beef but with coyote instead of beef. If anyone knows or has heard rumors of coyote recipes let me know.

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2-4 lbs of coyote meat

16 oz of apricot preserves

1 bottle BBQ sauce

1/2 purple onion diced

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder


Throw it all in a crock pot and let it cook for 8 hours. YUMMY!!

soak the meat in buttermilk for up to 12 hours

bread and then deep fat fry that sucker.

This is how my wife cooks everything

it works I have ate everything and only gained thirty pounds since i have been married

Substitute the dog with Coyote.



Stewed Dog (Wedding Style)


Ingredients :


3 kg Dog meat, * see note

1 1/2 cup Vinegar

60 x Peppercorns, crushed

6 tbl Salt

12 x Cloves garlic, crushed

1/2 cup Cooking oil

6 cup Onion, sliced

3 cup Tomato sauce

10 cup Boiling water

6 cup Red pepper, cut into strips

6 piece bay leaf

1 tsp Tabasco sauce

1 1/2 cup Liver spread, ** see note

1 whl fresh pineapple, cut 1/2 inch thick


Method :


* 1. First, kill a medium sized dog, then burn off the fur over a hot fire.

* 2. Carefully remove the skin while still warm and set aside for later (may be used in other recpies)

* 3. Cut meat into 1" cubes. Marinade meat in mixture of vinegar, peppercorn, salt and garlic for 2 hours.

* 4. Fry meat in oil using a large wok over an open fire, then add onions and chopped pineapple and suate until tender.

* 5. Pour in tomato sauce and boiling water, add green peper, bay leaf and tobasco.

* 6. Cover and simmer over warm coals until meat is tender. Blend in liver spread and cook for additional 5-7 minutes.

* * you can substiture lamb for dog. The taste is similar, but not as pungent.

* ** smooth liver pate will do as well.

* Suggested Wine: San Miguel Beer

* Serving Ideas : Rice, naturally.



* NOTES : During my wedding reception, my brother- in-law suggested we add to the feast by having dog stew. Wanting to be part of the family, and having been subjected to all sorts of socials tests already, I agreed. The result was... well.. a lot better than I expected. In fact, it was great! It was only later I found out that dog should

*not* be served at weddings, as it may make the bride and groom flight like dogs during the honeymoon. But what the heck. It didn't seem to have that effect... at least not until a few year later.

* ) For the faint of heart, you can always substitute lamb in place of next door's rover, but the meat will not be as sweet or as rich in flavor.

Coyote Soup:


Coyote Hind quarter

cooking oil

2 cups red wine

3 onions, chopped

1 garlic clove

salt and pepper


2 cabbage heads, chopped

8 potates, chopped


Cut meat into chunks and brown in oil. Add wine, onions, garlic, salt and pepper and your other favorite spices. Cook for 30 minutes. Add cabbage and potatoes. Cook until tender. Serve with hot biscuits or corn bread.

I am Hammy, Hammy is me, would you like to try some coyote?

I do not like to eat coyote.


Would you eat it in a box, would you eat it rather than fox?


Not in a box, surely would rather have fox.

I do not like that coyote, I do not like it Mr. Hammy.


Would you like it in fondue, could you eat it in a veggie stew?

I’ve heard BBQ is good, or maybe over mesquite wood?


Not in fondue, not in a stew,

Not BBQ, and not over wood.

I will not eat that coyote,

I’m sure I can’t stand it Mr. Hammy.


You say you don’t like, you tell Hammy,

But taste it taste it, you will see.


Hey this is quite tasty, this coyote

I can really stand it, Mr. Hammy.


So I will eat it in a box,

And I would rather have IT, than fox.

And I will eat it in a cheese fondue,

Over mesquite wood on a BBQ.


Oh how wrong I was, I now can see,

Thank you, thank you Mr. Hammy.


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Brain tanning hides is very labor intensive. Props for taking the time to produce all of the animal.


I myself was raised with the knowledge that if i killed something I better be prepared to eat it. Thanks Dad :)


I little interesting fact about brain tanning, Did you know that every animal has just enough brain to tan its own hide?

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Dont they consume dogs in indonesia ? maybe ask a fa member from over there :).

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Cool to see another Hunter in our clan :D I have only hunted once, but i am starting to get into it. The only time ive gone i had a 12 gauge but this year i might hunt w/ my cousins crossbow and possibly Firearms too.

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the first recipe made my stomach growl but with the scent of sausage on the way im only intrested in how tasty it would be

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I little interesting fact about brain tanning, Did you know that every animal has just enough brain to tan its own hide?


Had no idea. Great trivia. For some reason that made me excited I knew the god(s) wanted us to use all of the animal :-) .

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