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Wake Up


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After being on the server last night, and witnessing some appalling statements,  and I do get that people are gonna just say what they are gonna say but, I felt the need, to bring attention, to an atrocity that has befallen MAN for centuries


Not only has it psychologically damaged men though, it has been around for so long now, that it even falls upon adult women as well and has for a very long long time :(.  Like in a trance, we follow like lemmings to social destruction.  We have been stuck in the dark ages on this for to long...







Stop tearing down what's begin's as beautiful.


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Thank you for standing up for equality.

Like I said, I can work with disagreements and debates, but downright disrespect like last night on the server was very unfortunate and unnecessary.
Thank you for being you, and the Service you did.



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