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Running ETJump


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Howdy everyone!


We're gonna download and install etjump really quick and test out your favorite map


You can go here to download the .zip file:


and we'll get started. It's beyond simple!


Personally I use a different installation of ET and for different servers (especially when you have 100's of maps or admin privileges on certain servers!)

but all you have to do is open you wolfenstein ET folder:


Here's a great example! This one is mine



Create a new folder named etjump (You can see mine)

and copy the three files out of the .zip you just downloaded into the folder etjump

Open up you new etjump folder, it should have only these 3 files in it now:


and copy the contents of that file into your etjump folder as well. It should now look like this:



That's it!


We're gonna make our own TJ server really quick and run our favorite map!


I have to say at this point that I really don't know the best way to do this. I would absolutely love someone to come in here and add some more description about how to make this process better.


This method works just fine though


You go back to your main et folder, select the etded.exe file and create a shortcut to it

Right click and open the properties of that shortcut

Then change the target section so it looks something like this:

"C:\W ET\etded.exe" +set fs_game "etjump" +set com_hunkmegs "192" +map "oasis"


You should leave YOUR version of "C:\W ET\etded.exe" exactly as it is. That tells your computer where that file is, very important, and it wont be where mine is.

Yours might be somewhere in program files or in my documents even.

The other pieces here give the game a couple of commands as it starts up. 

In this case it changes the mod to etjump, the map to oasis

and maybe it's unnecessary but com_hunkmegs "192" is supposed to allocate a bit more memory to the game helping it run bigger maps


That's it!


Let's give her a run. Provided we don't have any conflicting settings (which we probably can have easily)


you double click and run your etded.exe shortcut which will start your private tj server


Provided there are no errors, start your game normally and in the local section of your server list you should find your server

Connect and give it a try or better yet open the consolse and

/callvote map radar

or your favorite map!


ETJump has unlimited sprint letting you practice linking awesome jumps together as far and as fast as you possibly can go!


When you find a jump you want to practice you can save your position and load back to that same place instantly and as often as you want

open the console and put in something like this:

/bind j save
/bind h load

You can use any keys you like and save anywhere as many times as you like.

If for some reason you make a mistake and accidentally save you can try /backup to bring you back to your previous save


There are lots of hard to reach places in this game that with enough practice can be gotten to easily with trickjumping :D


some settings worth changing when you start playing in a tj server

Make sure
/pmove_fixed is 1 not 0
/com_maxfps appropriately
/etj_nofatigue 0
turns off unlimited sprint

/g_noclip toggles noclip permission
/etj_drawcgaz toggles between different types of cgaz


If you are playing with another player and you enable teleporting you and your friend can teleport to eachother

enables someone to teleport TO you

/goto (playername) 
teleports you to the named player is they have enabled teleportation


Some maps:




And some links for more info:




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