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Manchester United facing security nightmare as Feyenoord fans buying tickets from home seats


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Fears around 4,500 fans of Dutch club - which has a reputation for hooliganism - have bought seats in the home end from the Red Devils' own website



Manchester United are facing a security nightmare after thousands of Feyenoord fans purchased tickets for next month's Europa League clash in areas of Old Trafford reserved for home supporters.

It is understood that up to 4,500 followers of the Dutch club have had money refunded after United realised that their own website had allowed fans living in Holland to make a purchase. 


Sunday Mirror Sport has seen an email sent out by United to people they suspect to be Feyenoord fans.

But sources in Rotterdam claim that many supporters have already booked travel and accommodation for the game on November 24 and are still planning to make the journey. 


Feyenoord supporters have a reputation that has spread throughout Europe

That would be a recipe for trouble, with the Dutch club's fanatical followers gaining a notorious reputation for aggro. 


Feyenoord top the Dutch table when it come to holliganism. And a section of their De Kuip stadium was closed for the visit of United last month.

Last season, Feyenoord fans left a trail of destruction in Rome after one European tie, smashing up priceless public statues and fountains in the Italian capital. 




Feyenoord have since been warned by UEFA that they will be hit with a five-year Euro ban if they cause any more trouble after the return game against Roma was halted for 10 minutes when an inflatable banana was thrown onto the pitch towards Ivorian striker Gervinho.

United are yet to tell Feyenoord what their official ticket allocation for the game will be. Greater Manchester Police are likely to recommend that United plan for having no more than 3,000 fans in town given the potential for trouble.

Feyenoord estimate that they could sell three times that number.


Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manchester-united-facing-security-nightmare-9004950

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and also not really smart to block 4000 tickets from people that already have booked a flight and hotel etc they will come and end up somewhere in manchester

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Tbh I really wanna attend a manu-psv match someday. When manu was in Eindhoven I went to the Irish Pub for trolls and it was, naturally, stuffed with manu fans. Now when a police car drove by, they were all "Boo, boo, go home!". But when the police truck drove a little further, turns out a hot blonde with few clothes was walking right behind it. I never heard a "Boo" crowd go all "Yay, cheer cheer" so quickly. Memory for life, that.

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Speaking from a Feyenoord point of view and taking below into consideration.


and also not really smart to block 4000 tickets from people that already have booked a flight and hotel etc they will come and end up somewhere in manchester


The Feyenoord hooli's are not going to be happy. 

Let's just not hope for Feyenoord that Rome-like situations are going to take place:


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