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Pre-loaded Kodi boxes face legal challenge in UK


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Kodi, the open-source media centre software, has risen up the ranks to become one of the top home entertainment apps across a whole ton of platforms, from PC to mobile. But it's now facing a legal challenge in the UK over copyright laws.

Brian Thompson from Middlesborough is accused of selling so-called "fully-loaded" Kodi set top boxes. Rather than just allowing a user access to their own videos, photos and music, Thompson is accused of offering up set-top boxes configured in such a way as to "[facilitate] the circumvention" of copyright protection.

While Thompson has not entered a plea, he told the Gazette Live that he intends to challenge the charges, which follow an 18-month investigation.

Landmark case

It's the first time such a case has been brought forward in the UK, and will bring into scrutiny the use of applications like Kodi.

The developers of Kodi (which used to be known as Xbox Media Center, or "XBMC" given its roots on Microsoft's first games console) have stated time and again that they do not support the third-party add ons which give users access to pirated content such as subscription TV and Hollywood movies.

As an open-source application, Kodi's developers maintain a "neutral stance" on how individuals use the software. However, they are prepared to fight those that use the trademarked Kodi name to sell kit with piracy-enabling tools onboard.

It's an open-secret though that Kodi-enabled piracy runs rampant. Mr Thompson's trial date is to be announced later today, and fans of the open-source software will do well to follow it.

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Ive used Kodi for over a year through my PC and stream to my TV. I havent run into any issues except that IPTV Stalker stopped working, but I can stream most things otherwise and no copyright issues thus far here in USA that I knkow of.

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