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I need help here =/...

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Ok first off to my mates, I have searched endlessley... I don't know if I'm blind or what not but im trying to find help on correcting my photo for my account on the forums. I can't figure out how to make it work... I've always focused on my career more then learning about how to use computers but I know we have a good community here... Can anyone help me figure out how to resize this photo so it'll work as my profile picture? and I am very sorry if I posted this in the wrong part of the forums as I'm still getting used to it all..





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Problem is... that the avatar sizing is really small for file size. Like 50kb <_ i cropped the image and shrunk it down a bit for you save this try uploading it. should now work... any issue let me know src="%7B___base_url___%7D/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)">




Raven! Thankyou very much!!! Everything worked out great with it and I owe you one for taking up some of your time!

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