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Any one into pro wrestling??


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I watch wrestling since 1997 and let's say the flame of the passion is hardly surviving. NXT is great but when I see WWE in general, I often facepalm at the debacles I can observe. I try to watch other promotions when I have the opportunity. My family used to be die hard wrestling fans (With my two brothers being now retired wrestlers).

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I love me some NXT and while WWE product isnt doing so great ill always be 100% loyal to them due to the great times they gave me during the late 90s :)

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I still 'follow' it but dont really watch it anymore other than the major PPV's and the Raw's after the PPV(Rumble,Mania,SS)The product has just gotten so bad.


Few fixes that would make me start watching again:Split brands,TV 14,bring back a few oldtimers like Angle,Hardy Boys...the young need the old to make things interesting.


Smackdown use to kick Raw's ass..these days SD is an embarrasment. <_<


oh and on a postitive note it was great to see The Dudley Boyz back! TABLES TABLES TABLES!!!

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