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  1. The dead man rises again.

  2. Well, I guess I'll most likely not come back at all at this point. I'm lagging hardcore with a sweet 900 ping and even when I ask if people know a command which would help on the lag, I just keep being ignored, so it's pretty meh.
  3. That's what I was wondering. Over the time, I changed my router to a not crappy one, but even with the bad one, I had a ping of like 50. I have no programs running in the background, only Wolf activated.
  4. Thanks everyone! Lol, I like doing things with a tiny bit of fashion. Anyway, my comeback to the game will seem to be a bit hard. I tried to play last night, but when the ping goes in the 500, it's kinda hard to do so. I don't know what triggers a huge amount of lag. :/
  5. Heya peeps! Some people may remember me, some may not, but whatever. I haven't been much present for what, a couple of months? I had a huge computer virus and by the time my computer gets fixed, I had huge issues with editing/recording since I got so, so soooo late. Also kudos to Vixen which asked me to play again because I'm always down to knife fight with such a nice foe.
  6. 'Sup peeps ! Just saying that I'm still alive. Very, very hard summer to handle all the things that happened but hey, I did it. Now it's time to build back what was once destroyed.

  7. Thanks guys ! On top of that, due to being inactive, I managed to gain some weights and I'm now in a healthy weight for my height. Going to be able to chisel some muscles once the knees recover.
  8. Well ok, I'm not Irish yet something "funny" just happened lately. Since I haven't done an update a while ago, I think it's time for me to say what's been going on. I'll start with why I chose this name for the topic: So, a week ago, I got a job interview in which I told the lady in front of me that I have torn meniscus in both of my knees, when she asked if I had any "health problems". I reassured her that I'm fine and they're not a problem. Since the karma is quite "ze bish", first day at work, I lift a charge of 12 or 15 pounds and both of my knees gave out at the same time. I'm now out of commission from any type of work for 10 days (And painkillers for said ten days). The workplace gave me a deadline of 7 days to "get better" or else I'm out. I'm on the wait list to see an orthopedist and having surgeries and also I got prescribed physiotherapy. So much for "Knees being fine", right ? On top of all, Since my knees have been busted for 10 years, the doctor seem to have asked me to not work for 20 weeks at least, not counting surgery recovery. Anyway, nothing is just black and white. There's a lot of positive happening too. My gaming crew is in expansion and we're having a blast. I wish she would join us on Wolfenstein, but they're not too found of PC gaming. We started our group with four members and we're now 17. We contribute to each other's Youtube channels and play a lot of stuff together. Not only we're a group of 17 people, but we also have a subgroup of 25/30-ish people in it. Speaking of the crew, there's something very special in it. One of the member actually is special. She's my girlfriend and she's the most awesomestastic person I can think of (Ok, a LOT of you guys are also super awesome). I feel like for once I'm really with the one that really makes my days. There's never a dull moment with her. She gave me reasons to have a family in the future. Having her changed me quite a lot. Never had depressive thoughts since I'm with her. I think it's like this: You initially never think about marriage, think it's stupid and all... Until you find that one you've been waiting for. This is how it feels for me, at least. I used to be a picky eater, but ever since I'm ordering Japanese snacks, I find myself more willing to try new things and do nice discoveries... So yay ! Also I'm gaining a bit of weight which finally puts me to the ideal weight for my height. I'm no longer slightly underweight. All in all, even if it's not perfect and I can't work for a moment, I'm really happy in general and I'm blessed. I'd like to thank everyone who gave me moral support in the past. And I know I should get back in the game one of those days. Just been pretty busy lately.
  9. Some heavy thoughts are being processed in my brain. A part of me just wish everything goes fine for everyone.

    1. (FORCE)


      Just don't let the thoughts get too heavy my friend to the point where they weigh down too hard on your mind ...

    2. Artanis


      Been there. Chin up m8!

    3. Raskin


      take a step back ...everyone needs what I call a safety valve...be calm...wishing the best

  10. I think I may start having an obsession with importing Japanese snacks.

  11. It's been now 10 years I've started to work, push myself to my limits without really taking any breaks or time to relax, release stress in me... I think I deserve some time for myself, now. I'll go back to work when my batteries will be fully charged. It was a good run.

    1. Raskin


      yeah..I had one 4 month break 40 f years..tho I had awsum vacations and recreation ...take what you can..

  12. I guess I'm not employed anymore at my store... Would you look at that ? Time to get back on F|A !

  13. I'm always a passionate of violin... Can't help it. *Shrugs*

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