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Cooperation with =F|A=

Adrian Rajchel

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I would like to cooperate with the clan = F | A =.

My idea is that I'm taking the Thracian server with a mod nitmod. I'll Server Settings on your request, admins will have full They got to files, cfg.

Server is currently under construction.

Thank You

Edited by Krayzie
Removed Server IP and PW - KrayZie 7-2-15
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Or, you stop paying for your server, take this money and help keep our servers online by donating and then join our lovely clan. :D

Now how does that sound, we're happy to have u :)

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Thanks for the offer but we are not interested. We have a wide range of servers and dont need more.

Note: be careful the next time you use the forum to advertise with information from other servers, it's strictly prohibited.

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