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Be careful upgrading to Windows 10... For your CoD4 profile's sake


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So, I simply could not wait to upgrade my OS to the neat new Windows 10. The first time I upgraded this morning (from Win8), there was nothing but problems. Little did I know, there was a major compatibility issue with my NVidia driver and Windows Update, so basically I had no display driver to utilize my GPU... Never a good thing.


However, I eventually found a way to disable Windows auto-update, and force update my NVidia driver, and that seemed to work. Now, I've yet to find a game that works fully yet lol, but the driver at least works. On the topic of my games, when I opened cod4, I was immidiately prompted with an error message that read something like "Ran into a problem reading your profile data. Your profile has been reset"...... Um lolwut

So I click "okay" or whatever it is, and as promised, all of my profiles were completely wiped clean. No stats, no classes, level 1, everything. And as of right now, I'm seeing no way to recover my profile, unless I restore everything, which I'd rather not do.


So just a warning. Two actually. If you're using a NVidia card, I'd hold off on upgrading until some major updates are released. And of course, be wary of your profile getting reset in Windows 10. Hope this doesn't get anyone else :/

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Excuse me a moment.



I called this months ago! Everyone always tells me "Nah dude! Tech preview is out! It works flawlessly! They're testing publicly now!"

And I'm all. "Uh huuuuuuuh. Public beta tests ain't Live functionality." Something always gets f***ed up on live. Years of gaming taught me this.

Things might be alright for basic upgrades. But for gamers, it's always best to wait it out a few months. You might be behind the curve, but it'll save you quite a few headaches until the major bugs are patched out, or compatible drivers are released. I got my 10 reserved, but won't install until it's been a good half a year.

Bummer about the profile dude. Can't tell you how many times rae and I lost ours when we were sharing my desktop. At least 10 times or more, levels 30-55 just poof. Protip: Cope and paste your profile elsewhere as a backup. Will save you frustration later on.

Hah. Hingsight!:

I refuse to upgrade until at least 6 months after release. There always so many issues with a new OS right out the gate. After a few patches and security updates it'll probably be worth it.

Don't update now.

wait until a few security updates after release.

It's still basically a functional preview at this point and isn't up to what it should be.

You have up to a year to upgrade.

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On the bright side, Microsoft has a nifty little button that literally restores your previous OS (But you only have a month to do so). So since I'm obviously going to want to play my games, I'll be reverting back to my ugly Windows 8. Never thought I'd say it, but it'll be good to see Windows 8 again. At least everything works on there!

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 Protip: Cope and paste your profile elsewhere as a backup. Will save you frustration later on.





Best advice out there, got all my crap backed up on an external. Bummer about WIN 10, my spidey sense was telling me not to click the shiny button.  I still haven't upgraded my browser cause of compatibility issues.  Thanks for posting and making a sacrifice to help others :)

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I've been rockin' Win 10 now for a couple of weeks.


I was dead set against it, but after I set up my Mom's new shiny laptop, I was pretty impressed by the overall layout.


So far:


My External Monitor setup has been a little iffy. Works fine with most games. With Enemy Territory it kinda f***ed with my mouse. My mouse wanted to drift toward the Laptop display and caused issues. Moving ET window to laptop display has been fine. Will figure that one out with more patches, I'm sure.


COD4 runs pretty flawlessly.

Tried a few games and they all work normally. In fact some games seem to actually mesh better with Win 10 and I get better FPS. (Lookin' at you GTA V)


I was having memory errors in 8.1 (another reason why I upgraded.) I am HARD on my systems. I push them to the limit. I'm the type that has Photoshop, Vegas Pro video editor, VLC player, firefox and side by side downloads all at the same time. In the last couple of months I've had the cpu or video lock up the laptop (never got a chance to find out which one it was. I thought it was RAM, but RAM is fine). After upgrading to 10, I've had no issues. 


Windows update seems a little smoother.


The whole interface is better. Happy to have the start menu back. Cortana f***ing sucks though. (Better suited to phones).


The new video player/media viewer is 'eh' at best, I just set permissions back to VLC and windows picture viewer.


The new and improved 'frequent directories' sidebar when browsing files is great. Helps me get to where I need to go in a hurry.


New Notifications bar is cool. Although already sick of the 'How would you rate windows 10!' notification. No I don't want to fill it out. f*** off.




Overall I'm fairly happy with it. I recommend doing a clean install if you really have to, though. 

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I keep getting the pop up to schedule my free upgrade, but I'm a little afraid to bite the bullet and leave Windows 7 professional since it works just fine.  Sid thanks for the info it is helpful to see how others are doing with it.

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