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Issue? with .cfg


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Hello there, basically I downloaded S3ti's config and wanted to give it a try (Battery screenshot) but for some odd reason Jaymod doesn't load it and my game is set on defaults, I have the same archive marked as 'read-only' in both folders but nothing changed.


Any solution?



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How did you do it ?


Had the same once but I've fixed it


I just copied S3ti's autoexec in my etmain folder and, after discovering that Jaymod didn't loaded it, I copied the same .cfg file in the mod's folder.

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any console output? what happens if you do /exec autoexec


messages? was the config only 1 file or several files?


The .zip contained 3 configs (Autoexec, binds and scripts) but I only used one.


Also if I do /exec autoexec.cfg or vid_restart I get everything on 'high' and also the default Jaymod HUD (The one with the heads in the lower left corner) which I have to change every time I run the game, and it became quite annoying.

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As far as I remember I use mine from Jaymod folder - Puni.cfg


Try to rename his autoexec to - seti.cfg


Then /exec seti.cfg

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If the autoexec runs other config files you need to have those as well


What do you mean when you say 'jaymod doesn't load it' ? Check if you see a message 'coudn't exec ...' or it didn't happen :P


How do you know that jaymod doesn't load it exactly? is there an error message, or you just don't see what you expect?

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