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COC War guide


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Clash of clans war guide


Ok guys, we decided to put together a war guide for everyone. Now as we all know we have merged both our clans together now, and some of the newer guys have not had the chance to go to war, or they have had little exposure. The content is not the definitive guide for everything, but we hope that it will help with your participation in the wars so we can achieve the best we can in wars.


As we know, we war search every Friday and Monday, Usually around 1100hrs GMT, so its important we acknowledge if we want to participate in the war beforehand. With the new update, we can now select if we want to go to war or not, rather than leaving the clan. To do this please read Speeds great guide on how this is done here.


We have to take a minimum of 10 people to war, and after that it goes up in multiples of 5, so lets say we have 16 wanting to war then only 15 will be able to, and the leader/co leader will decide on who we should take. Gone are the days of trophy counts now as we can select who to take before we war.


What we will look at is the basic strategies for defence and attack. What we must remember is this, your war base is only used during wars and you can tweek this as much as you like. but remember, 1 star = 50% or TH destroyed, 2 star = 50% and TH destroyed, 3 star = 100% destroyed, so protect your TH when thinking about your war base, lets not have the same base that we might use for farming in normal play.


New for clan war with the latest updates (only clan war updates, taken from supercell)


Clan Experience Levels!

* Level up your clan by earning Clan XP in Clan Wars

* Clan badges are now adorned with banners that showcase a Clan’s level

* Clan levels grant perks, prestige and fancier badges and banners!


Clan Wars Opt-in/Opt-out

* Clan leaders can now pick exactly who to take to every war!

* New profile setting shows other Clan members if you want to go to war

* Choose big or small wars, but larger wars can be worth more Clan XP


Power-up your Clan with Clan Perks

* Request troops more often and donate more troops at a time

* Get refunds and automatic upgrades on donated troops

* Increase your Clan War loot bonus and store more in your Clan Castle

* Clan perks unlock automatically and improve as you level up your Clan!


Three ways to get Clan XP in Clan Wars:

* Get small amounts of Clan XP for defeating enemy War Bases

* Get larger amounts of Clan XP for accumulating enough stars during war

* Get a huge Clan XP bonus for winning the war!​


By clicking on the clan perks in your clan castle you can see how much is required to get the power up and perks.


General tips for players (in no particular order)


1. Max out your army camps

2. Get that research done on your troops

3. Max out your Air defence

4. Max out your wizard tower

5. At TH 8 and below, expect a dragon attack (in general expect a dragon attack)

6. A war base is different to a farming base

7. Always go with a full castle of troops and full amount of spells (you will be surprised how many people forget)

8. Make sure your troop composition is correct before going to war, including spells.

9. Dont try and be a hero, go for the max stars rather than the loot, especially at the early stages of the war.


There are plenty more guys, and we will add more as and when.


Defensive strategy.


Preperation day


This is the time to make any tweeks you need to your base design, fill up the clan castles with troops and recon the enemy.


Clan castles

When we are filling the clan castles we need to fill it with the best troops for defence. Considering that most attacks nowaday are done from dragon attacks, we need to put in troops with an air capability. Troops generally best suited for this are Wizards, Archers and Dragons. Sometimes the higher TH may ask for witches, but this is because they may be anticipating a ground attack or some thing different from a dragon attack. Preferably we need to fill the clan castle with the highest lvl troop we can. Do not be afraid to delete troops and ask for some thing else.


Base design

Below are links to base builders. They are a great tool, and you will also find lots of bases to use and copy if you need to. Please use it, it is easy to use. Look up anti dragon bases on you tube, as dragons are the most widely used attack strategy. Remember, you dont lose your loot in clan wars. So placement of storages is not as paramount as it is in general gameplay.






Make sure you recon the enemy as much as possible, including looking at the profile of who you think might be attacking your base. This could help with the tweeking of your base, by looking at what troops he has maybe maxed out on.


When you upgrade your defences they will remain at the previous level during war, so if I am upgrading my air defence to lvl 4, it will be lvl 3 during the war. So they still work. Items that don't work are the usual things you would attack with. So spell factory (unless you have a bunch already in their, but you only get one shot with them), archer queen, barb king. The clan castle still works during normal upgrades and will still work during wars.


Battle day


This is where everyone tend to rush in and not take a step back and analyse. Below is a great set of tips for us all to use I found on a dedicated CoC site (www.allclash.com). Although it is not a definitive guide, it does bring out some good points with the way the war should be planned on a whole.



  • Weaker players should attack during the first 12 hours and the stronger players in the second part of the Battle Day. The weak players should have the opportunity to get the enemy weaker players attacked to max their potential
  • Bottom to Top in Clan Wars: Never start fighting the best 3 to 10 opponent bases (depending on how big the Clan War is regarding 15 vs 15 players or 50 vs 50 players). For regular Clan Wars it is enough if 80% of the bases got destroyed to win and every star is equal – no place for playing the Hero here.
  • DEMORALIZE! This is the best push we got in our clan: Tell everyone that the first attack should aim to get 3 stars. In this case your enemy will loose faith in winning and maybe some players will not even attack with their expensive army because they think they don’t have a chance of winning anyways. Image you log in and see the Battle Day and your clan has 10% of the possible stars while the opponent clan already got 50%. You think that this is not working but I promise you it will!
As with everything the plan doesnt always go to plan. But together we can help each other. Here are a few tips to follow


1. Dont just go blindly into a war without maybe asking for some advice from the more experienced players.

2. If you want specific troops for your clan castle, ask for them. Nothing worse than guessing what someone wants. If you get troops you dont want, then delete them and ask for something you want. NEVER go to battle without a full clan castle.

3. If you are attacking a base which has been attacked before, then watch the replay. This will give you a valuable insight into the enemy base defence such as giant bomb, tesla locations, CC troops etc.

4. Time is never on your side. Use your time wisely. Too many times have we all been caught out by the timer, mainly because may we have been screwing around with cc troops. Try and get these cleared as soon as possible.



Attack Strategy


Below are some of the most widely used attack strategies used. We cannot cover everything, especially TH9 and above, but for the newer guys and maybe some of the more experienced guys, these strategies can help you achieve that 3 star in clan wars.


Giant Healer


This is an underused strategy. If used correctly Giant healer can be very effective at every TH lvl, although as you progress you will tend to replace the giants with the Golem, and lose the healer. There are various ways of using this attack, but troop composition is down to personal preference, e.g Giants, Healer, archer, Wall breaker or say Giant, Healer, wizard, wall breaker. The Suggestion would be to practice this type of attack as much as possible to find your best troop composition. As always get those army camps maxed out as soon as possible for maximum troops. Spell is a personal thing, but always remember the idea is to down those enemy air defence so you can get the maximum use of the healers. Dont forget, with the new update, healers dont trigger air mines anymore.


Below is some strategies that work.



Mass dragon


This attack is typically used by lvl 7-8 Town halls. It is a good battle strategy if used correctly. One point to bring out in this as with all other strategies is you must max out your camps as soon as possible. So lvl 7's you should be aiming to max out your camp ASAP, Lvl 8 you cant upgrade your camps until Lvl 9. This will give you 200 spaces which means 10 dragons. If you are going to use this strategy often, then you must also consider researching troops as well.


The dragon strategy is the most widely used attack strategy in wars.


Below is a great quide on using the dragon strategy.





Hogs can be used to great effect. Either as a small unit to compliment another strategy or as a mass hog raid. If used as a mass raid then you must commit to this and use around 30+ hogs. but beware of anti hog bases, especially where giant bombs can be placed together, as this will wipe out your hogs in 1 go. Heal spells are your friend, and if placed carefully when you are attacking then they can be very effective when dealing with giant bombs.


The videos below is a great to show what can be done with low lvl hogs and how to use hogs in general (2nd vid courtesy of dom's post from a previous thread).






This is a difficult one. Basically use whatever is best for your strategy. For example, you shouldnt use a rage spell on hogs in most scenarios. Please use common sense and if in doubt, ask.


During the war


Be active guys. Please donate troops, preferably troops that are asked for. Finally, the biggest killer in a war is not having everyone participate. Most wars are lost because members dont participate or only use 1 of their attacks.




Finally, the best advice is always ask If you need help on a strategy. There are some great guides out there, go read or watch the video. If you are always finding yourself only getting a max of 1-2 stars, then something is wrong with your strategy. When you are not in a war then practice different strategies as and when you can outside of your farming. Remember, nothing is always perfect and neither is this guide.


I will no doubt add a few Items to this guide as and when, including plenty of edits as time goes on.


Have fun

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to those who have joined just now in clan war new guys make sure u upgrade all stuff asap and get to TH7 cause in TH7 u shall get barbking and dark barrack so it shall help and increase the camps upgrade them and upgrade barracks so u can unlock the dragons.....


and i think u guys shld strt participating no matter if u loose cause i was too scared to loose when i  started in clan war but it helped me so if u loose no problem we dont blame you if we loose a war its all about fun and learning.....

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One thing I can suggest for you guys, if you're going to war a lot, and have a trouble with deciding 'who wants what base' to attack, ClashCaller is a very useful online tool that helps me. http://www.clashcaller.com- Easy and simple to use and setup, you can decide who wants to attack which base using that. Also if you guys ever need any help or troops with the game etc, feel free to ask me. Pretty much maxed base and troops :)

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Then why the hell are you not in the clan?


I've been playing CoC lot longer, before I met you guys haha! Gotta remain loyal to my current clan unfortunately :( I'll be in and out though! 

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