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How to increase the doantions? Easily..


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Hello guys! :)

I usually play FA Silent and I got interesting idea coz of 2 things: I used to be admin before in some server and we have now the new social network TSU.

TSU is the new generation media, it works like Twitter but with one very important difference. TSU gives 90% revenues to its users. Maybe you heard it and it s true.

Watch this video with the founder of TSU Sebastian Sobczak.


and the newest one http://abcnews.go.com/Business/video/make-money-social-media-posts-29224844


Now I have 0,5$ every day if I use it like Twitter or Facebook. If you have 100 people in network, you get 1$ per day, but it s hard to calculate.

So the thing is, create FA Profile on TSU, bring there some admins and if every admin donates to this site 1$ per month, it could be good. I remember when I was admin and we asked people to donate sometimes, also me and it sux. I donated 20 EUR --- WTF, now I can donate money from TSU. There is peer to peer system -  you can send money among users for free and also you can donate some Charities if you want.


All money based on sharing, posting...like on Twitter and Facebook.


So stop wasting time on FB and Twitter and go to TSU. You help me and I help you.

Create FA profile on tsu.co/maarty - this is my profile.


If you dont like this awesome idea, dont worry, I am not leaving FA Silent :D haha Incoming gift from me is 1$ :)

Gretz, n00bC@t

eh, I have mistake in title - donations

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So... facebook clone with ads that you make very little on unless you get popular.


You would have to convince a large majority of members to use it and use it frequently. Highly unlikely considering we can't get a large portion to even use the forums frequently.


Oh and let's not forget having to pay taxes on (because it's literally paid and not donated) any revenue claimed.


On top of that, no one wants to constantly see f***ing spam of 'Check my link plz!!!!'- essentially pitiful begging just to make a measly 5 cents.


I don't see this site going very far. In fact some scathing reviews I've managed to pour through.









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Yes, we will see if TSU is good or not, started in October, after one year we can make any conlcusion, now I incline to that it is not joke, coz I can see there some celebrities and sport players.

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Facebook and Twitter are about having contact with friends and other people you know, to share personel stuff with them (nowadays also bussiness stuff). That's also the power of social media.


TSU totally didn't understand why social media excist...... It's about people, not about directly making money. It's something like old advertising systems where you had to look at banners for 30 seconds and after it you got 3 cents. But if you did that, that you even look at the banner or just clicked to the next one when possible? I think you did the last thing.


Same thing will happen with TSU, you don't get to the people you want to reach with your bussiness advertising strategy.

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No, it s not like that, you dont understand it well... 

You say that s about people, yes, of course, also on TSU but the thought is that you re paid for what are you usually doing every day. In something it is almost the same like Twitter. On TSU you can have only 100 friends  (on Twitter you cant have friends) and you can follow only 100 people or nobody or you can have thousands of people. So TSU - this is new - is about network. If you invite for example 100 friends and these friends again invite 100 friends, you have 10000 people in network, so you are in contact with 100 people only but you get money from your network. 

All is about your network. It s kinda way of multilevelmarketing, you get money and you dont have to do much. Just post whatever per day like on Twitter, like or share what you like. So you dont have to do something special, behave like on Twitter, 100% the same activity and you get paid. Every day I write 10 posts and I have 0,5$ , it s not too much so I donate to Charities

This is the main thought, get paid for what are you usually doing. Everyday people post on Twitter or everywhere for free...which is nonsense, my ideas, my posts have value.


It's something like old advertising systems where you had to look at banners for 30 seconds and after it you got 3 cents. But if you did that, that you even look at the banner or just clicked to the next one when possible? 



this what you say is totally wrong, maybe this is to problem that people dont understand it well

Try to imagine, that FA will have profile on TSU and bring there circa 100 admins and fans, everyone will use it like Twitter, everyone adds some Friends, and FA get easy money, that s very simple. That s what I meant. Some people say it s scam, some people say you have to be on TSU all day and post all the time. That s not true. The Founder  Sebastian Sobczak was in TV, TSU has celebrities, I saw many payments = for me it is genial idea to connect social media with MLM. And people dont have to do more than on classic networks where they post for free...


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