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I was merely wondering if there is any possible way to clear all aliases, or atleast old ones, so admins can't command !alias and see all of my previous aliases. 

I've heard that you could change the key code, but I feel it's quite wasteful to spend money just for that, is there any other way?

Much appreciated!

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there are 2 different kinds of aliases. why you wanna hide your aliases, maybe a troll? i could tell you how the aliases are working, but first you have to tell me why you wanna hide. ^^


Dis guy here. Playin' all detective and shit.


He asks the questions that matter. WHY U WANNA HIDE? What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!




I am pretty intrigued as well.

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It would be interesting to find out how our buddy XAM keeps changing his name and playing COD4.  But when you !aliases him, there are no other aliases.

So far he has had three maybe four names on beginners COD4.  I always know when he is playing because he occupies a small place with a sight line to

the enemy.  Then he sits there with an SMG and plinks at one spot.  Most of the time it is a spawn site.

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if someone wants to hide aliases to either troll people or any other not so good stuff, then remember this we can still see all the aliases and they cant be totally hidden :)

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