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Kills not adding up?


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I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but my kills in the yellow stats don't match the ones when i press alt.

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I knew that bodyshots were not synced (and there's a reason for that, i don't want shots on dead bodies to be added to the live stats counter).


But somehow your airstrike kill has not been added. I will try to reproduce it and if it happens again i'll check the code to find the error.

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Rather than storing PERS_KILLS on the server side, I'd do it client-side with tracking via CG_EntityEvent - It's more reliable that way.


EDIT: Actually, unless you're announcing sprees on the server, I'd move all that shit client side aswell. No point adding unneccessary traffic/cpu cycles to the server.. Each persistent stat is sent with the snapshot every frame which means a hell of a bandwidth increase if it's sending non-essential data.

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