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New dream map of daredevil.


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Can any map maker make new map something for my criteria:


1. Way low FPS lag.

2. Can handle 30 to 60 players.

3. At max 15Mb in size.

4. 2 spawns for each team to start and end with and then more spawn as they move forward.

5. Map should have close and long range combat.

6. 4 to 6 obj to do to win the map, so that map can't be rushed.

7. Less spawn killing with mortar fake brush protection on spawn.

8. Easy way out so if their are 10-15 players spawn at one place they can easily go out.

9. Straight floor shooting ex. venice, oasis, goldrush, etc.

10. 20-30 mins map. Each obj should give like bonus min or map ends in 20 min.


Thank you mappers. :)

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I could do that, don't have much free time right now though, these are some things i plan for my POW map, I really want to do that map mainly because i haven't done a carry objective or actual tank, this would be a map that cant be rushed like gold rush, some aspects of fuel dump and supply depot 2 etc. with some time to move both a truck and tank as well as carry the POW's to the truck i could do up to 4 or make some optional that can be set in the map script possibly.


I kno the other one you've seen is to open like the tram map but take a look in the map script file i think you'll see why i made that map,


I dont have much time right now as I'm a full time college student (classes started end of last week and this week) and have 3 kids to boot, but I'm taking web design and a lot of programming classes and have to see how the work load is in those classes before i can commit to anything, also Im making a bubble popper game in flash for my wife.


I also plan an escape tunnel that can only be constructed from inside the POW camp and can be destroyed as another way out for the POW's ( actually another way in, because i plan to put the truck for transporting them inside the camp) or something like that;


give it some thought I think the idea is worth making a map around and I would love to have someone to help develop the playability of it / and or general layout. But feedback is most important at the beginning stages of a large project like a map, otherwise there too much work invested to change anything.

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