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doh! i bought a PS3


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As some of you know.. i moved to a new appartment. Because i had to lose a lot of money i bought a 42 inch full hd tv also ... And yesterday i could not resist and i got the 250GB PS3 with some games..


Its awesome. I wont buy a new graphic card. I have never seen graphics like this on a pc ( gran turismo 5 prologue... ).


So who of you got a PS3 and tried to access his windows 7 media library?


It shows my PC but it pop up a dlna error when i try to open the albums.






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I do have win7 and ps3 but as i have my data (music, movie and photo) in external had drive connected to my PC all time, I only plug in to my PS3 and read them from time to time



ahh okay... it works now with a third party media server. perfect! TVersitiy.. free version




medic... do you play virtua tennis? does anybody do? and are you in that virtual city? my name in da ps3 world is di-x-us

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funny that ps3 home world, mine is bigbbl ^^


I don't play that much games in ps3, most of time used as bleuray, dvd player... divx or music


here is my games (played only by my brother)


PES 2008

GT 5 Prologue

Resistance fall of man 1

Devil may cry

uncharted 1

motor storm 1

ratchet & clank



I don't buy games anymore on PS3 cuz I don't play that much

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