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Budapest Feedback


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I sort od agree with MRMX. I dont want to sound unhappy or not thankful for the new map but I think that there are possibly better ones. It is very wide open and much of the time you are just looking for somebody to frag. If we had 40+ slots on the hardcore server then this just might very well be a great map.


research Vesuvius..its a medium sized map. It might work better.

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Just had 10 mins to test the map.


1. At certain location their is FPS drop.


2. Map is huge. I took out from hardcore.


3. Shooting is hard. People like maps like Goldrush, Venice, etc. where shooting is straight. People like straight floor.


I will do more testing this week.


Joe test this map and what you think for adding it on F|A 1 or 2?

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oh i agree it is too big, but i did set up the spawns for like 32 players on each team :rolleyes:


the next one will be smaller and less open, but i mainly wanted to do some unique stuff like the neutral construction elevators and team stuff, as opposed to actually worrying about how it would play ... lol ... it was a great learning experiment and now i can do most anything in GTK that the game allows.

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