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Dawdler a.k.a Flybird returned


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Hi there,


The members who are already for a long time in Fearless Assassins have to know me as the name "Flybird." But since Januar 3th I have decided to change my nickname to "Dawdler." I just

didn't liked my previous name anymore, so I came at this one. My real name is Steven, 16 years old and I live in The Netherlands. At Februar 18th I will be 17 years old. After a long time not playing

anymore at the Fearless Assassins server(s) I have made a decision to return to the server(s), because it's still the best place to be.



One year ago, I met the Fearless Assassins community and I have played for a long time with them but suddenly I stopped playing for a half year. I wanted to try to start my own server with clan but it ain't to easy as the most people things. It's nice to have your own server but it's hard to keep it up to date, to get a good running server with (regular) players and many more. That are the reasons why I stopped my own server, it also costs me too much time. Until the day of today, many new servers with clans are coming. But really, most of them aren't real clans with a good server. Most of them are the same and the cool stuff they have on their server has been copied of a good clan. They just bought a server at the cheapest host (servers without really good quality and support ...), gave it a name, started playing, recruited the first player who connected and by this way they got the most worst server in the serverlist of Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory with rambo whores, whiners, cheaters, hackers, adrenaline whore, adminlevel askers and way more. It's more a kid-party then a good orginized server with rules, manners and respect. There are alot of nonsense stupid servers now where you can join after 10 minutes playing after being a rambo whore and where you get +1 level after each day.



"If you join the Fearless Assassins servers, you are in good hands. If you joined the Fearless Assassins as member, then you've joined a real community that plays really for fun, shows respect and manners and they have rules."


Respect and special thanks to Fearless Assassins Administrators and members who brought F|A to this place. We write "Fearless Assassins" with two capital letters.




Dawdler, Steven. :hi

Edited by Dawdler
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