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Shotgun attachment


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I think this is a great attachment that is under rated. I have been using it a bit and getting some kills. Its got a good range. Its like having 2 secondaries.


What do you think?


Yer i like having the shotty atachment bc then u dnt need a shotty as a secondary nd can use somthing else.

Only problem is that if u do want it you will have to get 20 kills with the nade launcher which wen u do evry1 has a whine about it.

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personally I dont play that much with shotgun ... P90 is best with silencer really amazing to stable aim and shoot LOL also from ET i learn to crouch a lot so using crouch + P90 + silencer ... it's awesome also MP5 ouch with silencer ^^


LOL just figure out that I use shotgun a lot but I didn't remember that until I watched this http://stats2.emsgam...cfg-default.php


from my stats you can see which weapon is overused and with which one I killed more :)




Frag Grenade


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pump shotty is fun its just i can never seem to get good a good kd ratio. its more of a couple kills then death than go on huge kill streaks. i like my mp5 class since i get consistently get 15 kill streaks

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I've never used the shotty attachment - I only got it for the mastery challenge.

I suppose it's probably quicker than swapping to a secondary but for me getting rid of the iron sights or having a silencer in HC is more important.


I also find it entertaining that everyone except asasin started talking about cod4 when there's no shotty attachment in cod4. xD

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The shotgun attachment is quite good. It seems similar to the SPAS. The main downside is that there are other attachments that may be more useful. I'd definitely recommend it if you're using a launcher for your secondary.

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