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Anybody have experience with LTSP


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I need to figure out how to fix default session, at the moment, every new user has to manually sleect the correct session "Lubuntu" first, after which all subsequent logins are fine.


Also be nice to figure out how save a different default wallpaper, but that's just icing. The login session bug is standing between me and production :(

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I have no experience with LTSP, but it seems that you have on the LTSP server an configuration file which forces the configuration on the clients.


Although it is not the best link probably, with http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.terminal-server.general/30007 you probably have some hints in the right direction.

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Actually I did figure it out. I had LDM_SESSION set inside the chroot, but I needed it set in lts.conf...


anywhoo, it's all sorted. I had to create a new LTSP server because the last guy we had as Linux POC created an image that was >30GB, thanks to all the damn games he put in there. These are for our Linux lab, which means schoolwork. We also figure he left several backdoors in as well. He had a minecraft server on another school server. He also left root login enables on these servers, so even after we yanked his lab staff credentials he could still login.


Thanks for the link :)

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