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A funny thing happened when I left the car dealership....

Ol Smoke

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This happened early this morning near Portland, Oregon.


Yesterday afternoon a 42 year old man, bought a 1989 Chevy Corvette, from

a car dealer in Portland.  Last night he ran it into a power pole.  Knocking out all power

in that area.  Because the powerlines fell around the car, he was trapped for over 4 hours

in the car. The car was severely damaged.  Hope he had insurance.


"Just because you can buy one, doesn't mean you can drive one"  Bob Bondurant



Here is the news story and picture:







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The corvette in the picture is from 2000-2001, not 1989. Regardless, you should never get a car that powerful without knowing the inherent risks. That thing has got somewhere between 300 and 450 hp (rough estimate, I'm not a chevy guy) and will wrap you around a tree if you don't exercise extreme caution. If that guys got any sense, he'll stick to public transportation from now on lol

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When I first saw the picture, and read the story, I knew it wasn't a 1989.  I think it is a 1998 or newer by the looks of the rear end quarter panels.  The reporter got it wrong.  Good pickup mel.

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