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Ethics of texture edits


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Ok so I used to play with a guy who had re-skinned the default character to stand out against the background more so that he could use it to spot people who were head glitching etc more efficiently.


I was wondering what your opinions on this are?


Personally, I wouldn't say it was "cheating" per-say, because he's just using a texture edit, however, I do think it's giving them an unfair advantage in the game, and can't exactly be stopped by PB.

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Since it's not really meant for players to mess with the game files (outside of creating mods of course) for the sake of creating an advantage isn't allowed. Proving that somebody is using altered game client is another matter.

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Editing anything outside the config file or pushing a config past or below its original intent is considered hacking in my book. Co-Leader/Leaders speak for the clan though, and from what Saizou says above, it should not be used.

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I used to play with my config altered and know what lines change it so that you are able to make it so that you can take objects that are at a distance out of your field of view. Basically it eliminates grass, barrels and barriers at a distance and you are able to see people as you said " head glitching " behind them. I never thought of them as cheats though. It is not against any punkbuster regulations and if the file was not meant to be tweaked they would have left it out of the config for us to change. 


Thats just my two cents 

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