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Heart of Gold DT (Beta 12) - HoG_b12_dt.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Heart of Gold DT (Beta 12) - HoG_b12_dt.pk3 and waypoints

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Download pk3 name: HoG_b12_dt.pk3

Map name: HoG_b12_dt.bsp





Allies are searching for the “Heart of Gold”, a famous gold ingot stolen in Paris. The Resistance informed the Allies that the Axis are keeping it in “Boissaint”, a French village in the Alps waiting for reinforcement coming from Bergheim.


Allies have to steal the gold and escape from the village with the truck before reinforcement’s arrival.





1. Steal the gold and bring it back to the truck.

2. Destroy the Gate.

3. Raise the switch.

4. Escape with the gold loaded in the truck.

5. Construct the command post to gain a new spawn point.



1. Protect the Gold and construct the door.

2. Protect the Gate.

3. Lower the switch.

4. Construct the command post to gain a new spawn point.

6. Stop the truck, and prevent the Allies to escape from the city with the gold.



- The truck won’t go beyond the barrier without the gold.

- The gold can be stolen and brought to the truck right from the beginning of the map.

- If the axis construct the command post, it creates a new spawn point for them.



In this version the only difference is that the truck is destructible.

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