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New community for ET


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Hi, alot of you know me and my brother Legacy. There is a new site thats is trying to bring back some competitive play in the ET scene and they could use all the support they can get. I'm urging you guys to check out and register for the site, tell your friends and you can help the game we all have a spot for in our hearts.


The website is xxxx, this is just a community site and has nothing to do with clans. You can post for a spot on teams and alot more, so please check it out.

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Removed. We don't support website run by cheater. ok thanks.
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It makes me wonder why that website owner is so desperate to advertise his site on our forums even after saying no openly in topic and in PM?


Website Owner: http://fearless-assassins.com/user/9390-etsneak/


Got busted in COD4 and on our server in ET. We don't give proof out to public for our ET servers... same like Evenbalance, TZAC and Valve. But the COD4 proof is public.


Now please have some self respect and stop supporting cheater websites/community, unless and until you want to do same.



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